Manage Infrastructure, Tasks, and Inventory through A Unified Platform

Maintain And Track Capital Assets With ePROMIS Facilities Management Solutions

Manage All Facility Operations With ePROMIS FutureGen Enterprise SaaS

Efficient Coordination

Manage and track all physical assets, infrastructure, and equipment. Coordinate smoothly between departments to ensure optimum utilization of resources.

Manage Service Requests

Keep a record of all service requests from various channels such as email, phone, or chat. Maintain a unified repository with all information related to service requests for quick and easy access.

Streamline Contractual Tasks

Simplify contract management by automating time-consuming, repetitive tasks. Manage all contract documents in digital format to increase data security and accessibility.

Prioritize Tasks

Gain complete control over all essential facility management tasks. Execute service requests, contractual agreements, budgeting, and billing in a systematic and organized manner.

Track Inventory

Handle all critical stock requirements at the worksite with ePROMIS facility management functionality. Get to know when inventory levels reduce beyond a point to ensure no stoppages in production or manufacturing processes.

Workforce Management

Increase employee engagement and team collaboration by facilitating seamless communication. Manage the workloads and schedules of all employees to eliminate miscommunication or work conflicts.

Facilities management

Facility Management tasks can be automated with ePROMIS CAFM Cloud. This will help to improve organization and efficiency within your facility. With the cloud erp, you can manage all of your facility's operations from one central location. This will allow you to access your data anytime, anywhere. The cloud erp can also help you to track and manage your facility's finances.

With ePROMIS ERP Cloud, you can easily see where your money is going and how it is being spent. You can also create reports to show your progress over time. ePROMIS Cloud ERP can help you to manage your facility's workforce. With this cloud erp, you can easily see which employees are working on which tasks. You can also track employee performance and compliance.

Integrated & Readily Accessible Enterprise Information

Provide a single source of information for all your facility processes, contracts, and resources

Simplified Communication With Greater Transparency

Coordinate all facility management activities with technicians, field service teams, and supervisors. Automate workflows to the administrative load and gain insights into the organizational resources at any point in time.

Asset Management & Tracking

Manage all physical assets and keep track of their repair or maintenance schedules efficiently. Increase the longevity of enterprise assets by maintaining quality and optimizing the utilization of equipment or infrastructure.

Better Oversight & Control

Complete Visibility Across All Facility Tasks And Operations

Gain 360-degree visibility into an array of facility management operations to get to know real-time performance. Control all facility processes, stakeholder relationships, and contractual obligations to increase bottom-line results. Reduce operating expenses and fulfill customer expectations through streamlined service and task delivery.

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