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Drive Allocation of Talent Investments and Plan for Change with ePROMIS Enterprise Cloud ERP

Drive Allocation of Talent Investments and Plan for Change with ePROMIS Enterprise Cloud ERP

Improved Hiring

Make data-backed decisions to onboard the best candidates. Use advanced analytics and do background checks to segregate the talent pool.

Reduced Talent Scarcity

Get insights and develop accurate strategies to build an extensive candidate pipeline. Eliminate bottlenecks, slippages in the talent acquisition process, and talent gaps.

Good Training

Identify if employees are making the right use of the knowledge given to them during training programs. Conduct test sessions to build accountability and analyze the impact of these sessions.

Better Insights

Track, share, and analyze performance-related data. Make and execute plans to boost employee morale, retention, and engagement.

Improved Employee Experience

Make the recruitment process swift to make a good impression on candidates willing to join your organization. Have a smooth onboarding process and help your employees achieve their professional goals.

No More Traditional HR Solutions

Develop an understanding of patterns in Big Data and accelerate business through automation. Fast track resume parsing, screening, matching skills, and the interview process.

Leverage Predictive Analytics to Identify Top Performers

Adopt an Integrated Approach to Deliver High Returns

Accurate Forecasting That Mitigates Risks

Establish key metric benchmarks to identify talent risk before it impacts business objectives. Improve business planning and financial forecasting to meet short and long-term organizational goals.

Reward & Support Staff

Determine the groups of employees that deliver the highest ROI for your business and invest in their training and development. Outline areas that need extra resources to reach their full potential with ePROMIS FutureGen Enterprise cloud.

Goal-oriented HRMS Strategies

Align HR with Business Strategy

Balance labor laws, business rules, vacations, employee availability, and employee preferences with ePROMIS SaaS HCM software. Set realistic goals that include both quantitative and qualitative metrics to measure success.

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