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ePROMIS Project Cost Management- Estimate, Allocate, and Control the Overall Spends

Simplify Work Process and Benchmarking with ePROMIS ERP Software

Decreased Expenses

Control the flow of costs for resources accurately. Analyze overall spends to reduce overall capital expenses.

Operational Efficiency

Managing activities and tasks smoothly considering costs. Compare the estimated project costs with each task's actual worth and identify components whose costs need to be controlled.

Identify Procurement Effectiveness

Gather required resources for the project and utilize them for procurement activity. Identify various vendors and select the most profitable vendor for ordering necessary project resources.

Streamline Technology

Eliminate unnecessary usage of tools and reduce spends due to lack of technical up-gradation in the project. Determine the necessity of technology, implement it for project completion and utilize the saved cost for other beneficial tasks.


Define cost control management procedures to save leaking money and use it for other projects. Invest in cost management courses, complete each task within the allocated budget to meet the company’s fiscal year’s goals.

Streamlined Records

Get access to top-notch financial accounting planning and help your managers devise the right budget. Simplify financial reporting while simultaneously increasing organizational efficiency.

Project Cost Management

ePROMIS Project Cost Management helps project managers keep track of their project's expenses. It allows users to input their project's budget, track their spending, and generate reports on their project's progress. This cloud platform is essential for ensuring that projects stay on budget and on schedule. Project cost management is a critical part of any project manager's toolkit. ePROMIS can help you keep track of your project's expenses, input your project's budget, track spending, and generate reports on your project's progress. This tool is essential for ensuring that projects stay on budget and on schedule.

With ePROMIS, you can:

  • Input your project's budget
  • Track your spending
  • Access Real-time dashboards and reports on your project's progress
  • Ensure that projects stay on budget and on schedule.

Utilize Historical Data To Predict Future Trends

Leverage Data-Based Insights and Bring Transparency to Your Workplace

Accurate & Actionable Inputs

Access historical data through standardization of breakdown structures within the database. Get reliable inputs for developing project metrics and setting benchmarks.

Streamline Interdepartmental Communication

Provide adequate training to users to avoid manual errors creeping in calculating estimates and control projects. Improve communication between the various departments to facilitate the exchange of fast and accurate information.

Safeguard Organizational Information With Advanced Access Control

Build a Secure Database

Protect your sensitive information and enable strict user rights and traceability. Combine work processes to be carried out in a single software system. Decrease the number of administrative tasks and simplify your user management system.

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