ePROMIS Expense Management

Integrated Platform To Manage Expenditures & Payments

Manage & Monitor Expenses Efficiently With ePROMIS Enterprise ERP

Improved Financial Visibility

Get clear insights into your expenses with interactive dashboards and reports. Provide quick approvals for expense reports and view detailed expense metrics for better understanding.

Simplified Processes

Route expense reports automatically to approve and make payments electronically. Eliminate paperwork and reduce the time and cost incurred in processing expenses. See how expenses are distributed across projects and business verticals.

Faster Reimbursements

Pay employees faster and provide timely approvals as attendance, payroll, leaves, and expenses are managed through a single unified system. Track individual travel history to automate payment approvals and issue advances to employees based on merit.

Expense Policy Enforcement

Ensure that your transactions are always in line with your organizational policies. Customize rules, verify payments, and flag policy violations. Incorporate location-based policies to ensure greater compliance.

Fewer Errors

Reduce the likelihood of errors and delays through automation. Eliminate errors due to manual entry and data duplication and prevent overpayment and losses.

Reduce Processing Delays

Process payments faster and get alerts on payment delays. Digitized processes mitigate manual interventions and offer rapid processing of fiscal data.

Manage Your Expenses with ease

ePROMIS offers expense management service that provides an easy way for businesses to track and manage their expenses. This solution allows users to submit expense reports, view spending history, and receive alerts when spending exceeds budget thresholds. Additionally, the service offers a variety of reporting and analysis tools to help businesses optimize their spending.

ePROMIS is designed to help businesses save time and money by simplifying the expense management process. Contact us today to learn more about expense management service provided by ePROMIS and how it can benefit your business.

Witness Greater Accuracy In Forecasts & Budgeting

Get a holistic view of organizational data to identify hidden opportunities. Understand patterns, predict trends and stay future-proof.


Get the most accurate business forecasts based on the latest data. Improve the efficacy of decisions as the system automatically filters out irrelevant or inaccurate information.

Explore untapped potential

Prevent crucial financial data from staying camouflaged in spreadsheets. Detect the untapped potential of your business and stay miles ahead of the competition.

Running Simulations To Identify Concealed Opportunities

Find new ways to improve productivity, output, and performance through the power of simulations.

Test several permutations and combinations to figure out your ideal approach. Run hypothetical 'what if' scenarios and see how the implementation of certain changes can affect your firm.

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