Get Real-Time & Accurate Business Reports & Insights

Improve Communication & Ensure Timely Delivery With Advanced Analytics & Reporting

Monitor Productivity & Improve Efficiency With ePROMIS Enterprise

Faster Decisions

React to changes fast and transform with time. Timely and accurate data help in making informed, logical and quick decisions that benefit the business over time.

Multiple Entity Management

Data from multiple companies and business divisions are collated to help you analyze the performances of multiple locations and departments. Relational databases also help understand how changes in one department could impact others.

Timely Insights

Get vital insights on how your business is being managed. Create alerts when key parameters of policies are not adhered to. Predict trends and prepare for situations before they occur.

Improved Data Governance

Manage data with aplomb and govern how and where it is being used. Find the information you need in seconds and control who can view, share and modify information in your database.

Cloud Support

Access data from anywhere without locational or software constraints. Communicate effectively using multiple business channels and offer better support to both employees and customers.

Interactive Reporting

Improve decision-making with reports that ‘talk’ to you. Find out about the exact metrics and parameters that matter most in an instant through filters and subfilters. Automate report generation and sharing for greater convenience and timely insights.

BI, Analytics and Reporting

ePROMIS BI, Analytics and Reporting cloud provides you with the ability to quickly and easily gain insights into your data. With our powerful reporting tools, you can create custom reports to help you make better decisions for your business. Our analytics tools allow you to dive deep into your data to find trends and patterns that can help you improve your business performance. And our BI & Analytics Cloud offering can help you create a data-driven culture within your organization, so you can make better decisions, faster.

ePROMIS is easy to use and allow you to create custom reports with drill down and drill around functionality to help you make better decisions for your business. It allows you to dive deep into your data to find trends and patterns that can help you improve your business performance.

Witness Greater Accuracy In Forecasts & Budgeting

Get a holistic view of organizational data to identify hidden opportunities. Understand patterns, predict trends and stay future-proof.


Get the most accurate business forecasts based on the latest data. Improve the efficacy of decisions as the system automatically filters out irrelevant or inaccurate information.

Explore untapped potential

Prevent crucial financial data from staying camouflaged in spreadsheets. Detect the untapped potential of your business and stay miles ahead of the competition.

Running Simulations To Identify Hidden Opportunities

Find new ways to improve productivity, output, and performance through the power of simulations.

Test several permutations and combinations to figure out your ideal approach. Run hypothetical 'what if' scenarios and see how the implementation of certain changes can affect your firm.

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