Boost operational efficiency with
ePROMIS Enterprise Facilities Management

Enterprise Asset Management

Streamline asset management & tracking, preventive maintenance, scheduling, work order management, and BIM integration.

Facility Booking System

Book meetings/conference rooms and leverage pre-registration and facility reservation capabilities to save time.

Helpdesk and Knowledge Base

Assign and manage reports and complaints with a dedicated help desk and knowledge base.

Space Management System

Create, manage, and set up space inventory with ease, and manage facility space efficiently.

Optimum Resource Management

Allocate resources for best utilization, create timesheets and manage better scheduling in daily operations.

Make Quality Decisions

Get complete visibility into all business processes and make better decisions with access to real-time business intelligence.

Attain True Digital Transformation

As the world’s most comprehensive enterprise software solution for facility management, ePROMIS CAFM is designed to meet the needs of businesses of all sizes. From small to midsize organizations to global enterprises, ePROMIS Facilities Management Cloud offers a comprehensive and customizable solution for managing every aspect of your facilities.

With ePROMIS FutureGen Enterprise Platform, you can be confident that your facilities are being managed efficiently and effectively. Contact us today to learn more about ePROMIS FutureGen Enterprise Platform and how it can help your business.

With ePROMIS FutureGen Enterprise Platform is a cloud-based solution that provides you with the flexibility to manage your facilities from anywhere in the world. With ePROMIS FutureGen, you can:

  • Schedule and track maintenance tasks
  • Manage inventory and assets
  • Monitor energy usage and costs
  • Analyze data to improve facility management decisions and much more

Improved Efficiency

ePROMIS CAFM automates repetitive tasks, making your team more efficient. Optimize day-to-day tasks for better workforce productivity.

Task Delegation: Assign and delegate jobs to your employees based on their availability and expertise.

Reduce Repeated Tasks: Automate recurring tasks, like data entry and email outreach, to allow your team to be more productive.

Alleviate Human Error: Alleviate Human Error: Streamline error-prone administrative tasks; reduce inaccuracies, and speed up the process.

Asset Lifecycle Tracking

With ePROMIS CAFM, you can manage your growing asset portfolio and track its usage in real-time.

Asset Tracking: Keep track of all your assets by logging them into a digital inventory.

Cost Management: Stay on top of costs and expenses associated with the deployed assets in your organization.

Usage Monitoring: Monitor the real-time usage of your assets; determine which assets are in use and which ones are idle.

Reporting and Analytics

ePROMIS comes with reporting and analytics features, which help you get detailed insights into your business and make informed business decisions.

Real-Time Reporting: Collect feedback and report on the performance and efficiencies of your operations in real-time.

Visual Reports: Generate visual reports that provide in-depth insights into your business performance.

Decision Making: Utilize reports and analytics to make informed decisions for your business.