Hire, Manage, Retain and Develop your Talent Pool

Align core HR processes from recruitment to benefits management and ongoing performance assessments

ePROMIS Talent Management - All in One Platform

Connect and Share Data

Align core HR processes and make information available across the system. Analyze data to get clarity on business processes and make informed decisions.

Strategic Hiring

Integrate tasks like posting job descriptions and track applicants with ePROMIS Enterprise Cloud. Streamline your recruitment process to focus better on candidates.

Improved Onboarding Experience

Create employee profiles that hold all of the information collected during the hiring processes. Automate paperwork and adopt an efficient approach to recruitment.

Retain Top Talent

Track performance reviews, goals, skills, and career aspirations to make sure your employees are happy. Analyze which employees need monitoring and training and the ones that can be promoted.

Increase Employee and Manager Engagement

Help workers and team leaders establish a friendly bond. Encourage them to invest in the organization while also focusing on their personal goals.

Employee Development

Motivate employees to take courses, develop skills and pursue certifications relevant to their professional development. Help them develop the necessary technical skills, right attitude, and soft skills.

Talent Management and Recruitment made easy!

Talent Management Cloud is essential in any business. They help to identify and assess talent, develop and manage talent, and retain talent. Without these tools, businesses would be at a disadvantage in attracting and retaining the best employees.

ePROMIS helps organizations manage their talent pipeline and recruitment process. It enables organizations to identify and assess potential candidates, track the progress of applicants, and evaluate the effectiveness of recruiting campaigns. It also allows organizations to create job postings, receive applications, and review resumes.

Additionally, ePROMIS provides a platform for communication between candidates and recruiters. It also offers a reporting and analytics feature to help organizations track the performance of their talent management programs.

Implement Practices that Reward and Support Employees with ePROMIS Cloud HCM Software

Assess, Manage & Develop Talent Intelligently with ePROMIS HCM

Measure staff performance remotely

Evaluate performance periodically and identify skill and competency gaps methodically. Connect, enable and collaborate for sharing knowledge, and working effectively in any virtual or office environment.

Simplified Applicant Filtering, Shortlisting & Hiring

Deploy and manage to match skills and experience with organizational needs. Achieve clear, measurable, and sustainable transformation while maintaining the day-to-day continuity of operations.

Leverage Artificial Intelligence to Revamp Hiring

Intelligent, Informed & Appropriate Hiring

Tap AI to search for only the most relevant experience, education, and skills. Reducing hours of manual and administrative work for recruiters. Use chatbots to provide faster responses to prospective candidates across all time zones. Visualize potential career tracks and support real career conversations.

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