Meet and Exceed Customers’ Expectations

Use Data To Close Deals Faster and Ensure Customer Satisfaction

Make Customers Stay With You Longer

Know Your Customers

Get a 360-degree view of each customer and leads, including their name, contact information, lead score, and complete activity timeline.

Manage Interactions

Analyze entire customer interactions across channels to identify trends, behavior patterns and understand their pain points to better serve their needs.

Engage With Customers

Keep your customers engaged across channels to reduce the bounce-off rate. Send emails, reply to live chat, and respond to social media mentions from a single platform.

Reduce Manual Entry

Import customer data from spreadsheets or sync your existing business systems to reduce manual entry and eliminate duplicate data.

Generate Reports

Analyze insights, monitor common requests, and identify changing customer behavior to better optimize your sales strategy and increase revenue.

Tailor for Your Needs

Customize ePROMIS Customer Management software to fit your needs. Create custom filters, data fields, and tags to make customer management easier.

ePROMIS - FutureGen Enterprise Platform

Give Your Employees All the Information They Need to Serve Customers

Equip your team with what they require

Equip your support team with the much-needed customer data so they can resolve issues quickly. Reduce churn rate by identifying at-risk customers and reaching out to them beforehand.

Access critical information from any device at anytime

Allow sales teams to access critical customer information required to better understand prospects’ needs and pain points. Keep them up-to-date with recent customer interactions to help them close deals quickly.

ePROMIS FutureGen Enterpise Platform

One Source of Truth for Every Member of Your Team

Keep all your customer information organized in a single place. Allow your teams to access all the data they need to provide customers a consistent experience across channels. Leverage cross-sell and up-sell techniques at the right moments to maximize revenue from new and existing customers.

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ePROMIS FutureGen Enterprise Cloud Platform

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