Optimize Resources & Improve Productivity

Reduce Resourcing Costs, Improve profitability, and Overcome market volatility with ePROMIS ERP Software

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Reduce Project Resource Cost

Allocate the right resources to all projects at the right time with enterprise scheduling. Create 360-degree visibility and get access to global resources from any geographical location.

Create Visibility of Resource Competencies

Get access to information across the matrix organization structure and control the rights to modify it. Fulfill work demands across verticals of geography, domains, functions, and business units.

Optimize Resource Utilization

Analyze and forecast resource use and take corrective actions before time. Get access to real-time information to improve profitable utilization.

Plan Proactively

Reduce project resourcing costs across the enterprise with advanced analytics. Forecast pipeline opportunities by aligning sales and delivery.

Leverage Skills Across Organization Boundaries

Provide role-based access for analyzing resource competencies and take necessary actions. Implement a multi-location policy due to local resources are not available for a specific skill.

Improve Organizational Health Index

Build tailored portals, dashboards, and reports using a highly configurable and expandable architecture with ePROMIS Enterprise Cloud. Control data visibility by combining security rights, portal designs, and filters

Resource Management

ePROMIS ERP Cloud is a great way to keep track of your resources and make sure that everything is running smoothly. With ePROMIS ERP Cloud, you can easily see how much of each resource you have available, and keep track of any changes in usage. This can help you plan for future needs and avoid any unexpected shortages.

If you need to track resources for a project, ePROMIS ERP Cloud can help you stay organized and on track. You can see at a glance how much of each resource you have available, and track any changes in usage. This can help you ensure that you have enough resources for the projects and your entire operations, therefore helping you, avoid any unexpected shortages.

Deliver Projects & Services Within Time and Budget

Improve Productivity and Time Management

Seamless Allocation & Selection

Analyze various parameters such as overall utilization, people on the bench, and project overdue before allocating resources. Simulate each scenario at a time and test the available resources from the pool for a specific case.

Cost-effective Resource Management

Invest in the self-development of resources and minimize use under/over skilled workers. Use cost-effective resources wherever possible and identity shortfalls in advance with ePROMIS Enterprise Cloud ERP.

Improve Employee and Customer Satisfaction

Manage & Monitor Resources Remotely

Ensure a resource is not over-worked or under-utilized with real-time updates. Meet project delivery requirements before time to build brand credibility and customer trust. Build a satisfied and productive workforce to ensure long-term success.

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