Manage work facilities, Streamline asset tracking, and Simplify contract management

Maintain Physical Assets And Infrastructure With ePROMIS EAM Cloud

Increase Visibility Of All Company Assets With ePROMIS SaaS EAM Software

Manage Asset Lifecycle

Gain a holistic view of all assets to increase reliability and performance. Manage the lifecycle of all physical infrastructure and equipment to make them last longer and give optimum results.

Eliminate Data Duplication

Integrate all core business processes to enhance the flow of information and reduce data duplication. Save time, increase communication and collaboration between organizational stakeholders.

Reduce Administrative Overheads

Ensure that physical assets require less maintenance and upkeep with ePROMIS SaaS EAM software. Reduce downtime and extraneous administrative overheads to increase profitability.

Enhance Governance and Compliance

Drive compliance and manage risks with continuous monitoring practices. Proactively manage contract negotiation and obligation with predefined rules and regulations.

Robust Reporting

Gain actionable insights into the current status of all company assets and equipment through customized reports. View key performance indicators on interactive visual dashboards to take proactive action and maintain assets better.

Manage Equipment Utilization

Streamline resource allocation and distribute equipment equitably in the organization. Diligent asset monitoring can help you eliminate the cost of replacing worn equipment.


Increase Visibility Of All Company Assets With ePROMIS SaaS EAM Software

Assess your assets accurately

Monitor your asset directories from any location or device with ePROMIS Cloud-based asset management. Manage the performance assessment, depreciation, and maintenance of all assets with the click of a button.

Budgets and Forecasts

Prepare accurate budgets and plan for the future with ePROMIS EAM cloud. Monitor the financial performance, operational efficiency, and return on investment of major organizational assets.

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