Improve Big Data Management and Get Faster Access to Information with
ePROMIS ERP Software

Accurate Data Sharing

Eliminate manual errors and avoid multiple data transfers. Streamline processing and preserve file formats in case of transaction failure.

Execute Independent Transactions

Complete transactions in isolation and ensure they are not related to any other transaction. Get access to a secure environment for carrying out all tasks.

Enhanced Reliability

Ensure completion of transactions even in the event of power loss, crashes or errors. Build a robust and easy-to-use system for employees and customers with ePROMIS SaaS ERP software.

Facilitate Faster Response Times

Optimize algorithms and execute fewer CPU instructions and accelerate the complaint resolution process. Do away with disk-based databases and reduce memory consumption.

Unified Data Repository

Centralize all vital company information in one centralized location. Make sure your employees can access real-time data anytime, anywhere with ePROMIS ERP software.


Adapt to changing workloads and grow as the business capacity increases. Scale-up with ePROMIS Enterprise Cloud by investing the business modules according to your organization’s unique requirements.

Attain True Digital Transformation

Reduce and optimize memory consumption with ePROMIS ERP Cloud in-memory database features. ePROMIS ERP Cloud’ in-memory database features are designed to manage high-volume, low latency data transactions. It delivers the performance of an in-memory database features with the flexibility and scale of a traditional database. ePROMIS’ in-memory database features are available as a subscription service.

Real-Time Updates

Leverage big data capabilities, gather actionable insights and build a more robust information system. Reduce CPU footprint and eliminate the need for data indexing.

Multi-dimensional Analysis: Get access to comprehensive and data-backed solutions. Facilitate faster implementation of BI tools to build a full-fledged ecosystem.

Data Compression Capabilities: Reduce storage space of data and minimize CPU cycles.

Improve Database Management: Enjoy full-order data processing and innovation with ePROMIS ePROMIS Enterprise Cloud. Keep up to date with the latest changes and gain a competitive edge.

Data Partitioning

Level up your data usage level by organizing the way you store it. Reduce scope of error with real-time embedded systems.

Enhance Query Performance: Process higher volumes of data faster in a cost-effective manner. Improve performance, manageability, and availability with data partitioning.

Simplify Administration: Reduce human load and automate basic tasks by managing servers efficiently. Adopt agile practices and improve productivity with the ePROMIS business platform.

Eliminate Redundancy: Get access to advanced data deduplication and reduce storage overhead. Put an end to data anomalies and corruption with a main memory database system.