Get More Productive Employees & Happy Customers with ePROMIS Enterprise Cloud

Better Communication

Educate, communicate and engage with staff in a more effective manner by letting them use their personal devices. This makes you trustworthy and compliant with regulations.

Hire The Best Talent

Keep staff technology prices minimal while making the office environment more adaptable. Invest in hiring the best and improve workplace culture.

Offer Greater Security

Mitigate data threats and avoid security breaches by adapting to a Bring Your Own Device Policy for workplace usage. This regulates employees’ behavior without hampering communication.

Reduce Costs

Save expenses on hardware and technology with a BYOB policy. Not only do you save on hosting, repair, and maintenance charges, you also help increase employee satisfaction, which plays a role in talent retention.

Improve Employee Satisfaction

Promote a flexible working environment by implementing a streamlined BYOD policy. Motivate employees for better job engagement and productivity at the workplace.

Simplify Data Access

Get complete access to real-time information with ePROMIS ERP software. Facilitate access to data on employees’ personal devices for better efficiency.

Increase Employee Efficiency

Using personal devices provides employees with greater flexibility and efficiency while saving time and offering convenience.

Lesser Adjustments: Employees have to adjust much less if allowed to use their personal digital devices. The output is also improved.

Increased Trust: Clearly laid out BYOD policies increase employees' trust in the organization and reduce ambiguity.

Better Engagement: With increased trust, employees are more motivated, aligned, and committed to your organization, resulting in better engagement.

Stellar Customer & Employee Experience

Empowering workers and providing them with necessary resources helps them align themselves appropriately to provide better service to customers.

Better Consumer Perception: BYOD removes several customer service obstacles, allowing staff to offer flexible services that improve customers’ perception.

Reduce Communication Barriers: Flexibility in using their personal devices helps employees overcome several communication obstacles and offer better service.

Improves Transparency: Quick information sharing and clear policies create a positive and transparent perception about your company.