Build A Mutually Beneficial Relationship with Suppliers

Reduced Costs

Establish good working relationships with suppliers to save costs. Reduce availability problems and quality issues to provide extraordinary customer service with ePROMIS Enterprise Cloud.

Increased Efficiency

Help suppliers gain a complete understanding of your business. Decrease delays in the supply chain and improve the flow of operations.

Minimize Price Volatility

Take advantage of fixed pricing and scaled increases in exchange for lengthier contract terms with ePROMIS supply relationship management platform.

Consolidate The Supply Chain

Adapt to your supplier’s working practices and operations to better accommodate each other. Streamline the purchasing process and make budgeting a far simpler task.

Real-Time Intelligence

Receive real-time updates to get a holistic view of your supply chain operations. Make better decisions and achieve strategic goals faster.

Complete Visibility

Gain complete visibility of your supply chain. Share real-time information between organizational stakeholders for organized workflow management.

Attain True Digital Transformation

There are many benefits to using an ERP system for supplier management. ePROMIS ERP is an excellent option for organizations looking to improve their supplier management processes. If you are looking for a comprehensive and scalable ERP system for supplier management, ePROMIS ERP is a great option. Contact us today for a free demo!. Some of the key benefits of ePROMIS ERP include:

  • Ease of use: ePROMIS ERP is designed to be user-friendly, making it easy for employees to navigate and use.
  • Flexibility: ePROMIS ERP can be customized to meet the specific needs of your organization.
  • Scalability: ePROMIS ERP can grow with your organization, allowing you to add users and functionality as needed.
  • Integration: ePROMIS ERP integrates with a variety of third-party applications, making it easy to connect with your other business systems.

Streamlined Finances and Workflow Management

Get to know more about your suppliers and increase your service efficiency. Reduce order issues and leverage preventive maintenance capabilities.

Contact Management: Organize all your supplier information, like a contact name, email addresses, physical addresses, and phone numbers with ePROMIS. Track purchase orders from suppliers to forecast future demands along the supply chain lifecycle.

Invoice & Quote Creation: Generate identical document templates for all suppliers to maintain consistency. Send timely invoices and orders to receive timely payments.

Easy Collaboration and Performance Analysis

Get a complete idea of businesses you serve and meet customer demands more effectively. Decrease delays in the supply chain and improve the flow of operations.

Store Communication Records: Organize emails, call transcripts, and other communication records easily with ePROMIS SaaS ERP.

Risk Management: Flag issues in your system to mitigate potential supply chain interruptions. Adopt strategic thinking and planning to ensure that the business strategy and the project goals remain synchronized.

Use Templates and Streamline Priority Responses

Build a more organized and effective supply chain with ePROMIS that makes a positive impact on both costs and customer service. Deliver a wide range of financial and operational benefits to both parties.

Build Email Templates: Use templates and scripts to communicate with new suppliers and stay consistent. Leverage the power of social media, run campaigns, and forecast trends with ePROMIS Enterprise Cloud.

Follow-up Scheduling: Generate a calendar for following up on important calls, emails, and other forms of communication with suppliers with the ePROMIS SaaS Platform.