Provide Timely Responses and Enforce Strict Quality Standards on Construction Processes

Mediate the RFI Process

Make documentation simpler with electronic recording systems. Let teams build processes for fulfilling RFI responsibilities with ePROMIS.

Standardized Quality Metrics

Encourage your team to work with the best designs and set structures in place. Achieve the required expertise and have better building processes with ePROMIS.

Understand Contract Clauses

Analyze project proposals' efficiency and address concerns with stakeholders. Discuss construction plans in-depth and avoid delays in project completions.

Centralize Information

Let employees get access to data from a single platform. Support operations on/off the field with ePROMIS.

Effective Online Collaboration

Send, receive, respond and close RFI notices online easily with ePROMIS Construction Cloud. Prevent manual errors, delays, and mistakes by automating the information collecting process.

Address Construction Issues

Check the credibility of vendors and get approvals faster. Get real-time visibility and solve problems faster with ePROMIS

Stay on Track With Projects

Eliminate poor quality RFIs and make way for faster response times with ePROMIS. Create crisp and clear documentation to get more leads and convert them into customers.

Improve Accuracy: Get error-free information and eliminate wastage and overheads. Aid faster processing and completion of the RFI process.

Faster Negotiations: Negotiate with multiple parties and get access to the best deals. Portray what Add notes and suggestions to bids and contact parties through various channels.

Leverage Automation

Enjoy advanced reporting and analytics to ask better questions and get valuable feedback. Save on resources and focus better on core processes with ePROMIS.

Reduce Project Duration: Get access to the best construction management tools and shorten the project lifecycle. Deliver top-notch results and onboard clients faster with ePROMIS.

Increase Construction Safety: Do an in-depth analysis of the site and risks involved in the project. Provide the best security measures for workers and ensure employee satisfaction.