Track everything on the site from your office with ePROMIS Enterprise Cloud

Production feasibility

Forecast the financial requirements, production schedule, and risk potential of your project. Create cash flow analysis, feasibility tests, and more.

Budget management

Compare your production process with the forecast budget on the ePROMIS business platform. Track the development of your site with the budget and actual cost incurred.


Enhance flexibility in report generations for property investors, clients, and other stakeholders. Create a consolidated view of the progress with a cash flow forecast at every stage.

Resource management

Utilize your budget efficiently by tracking all the resources involved in the construction. Compare subcontractor performances with the estimated production plan.

Procurement control

Manage procurement in accordance with the production speed. Avoid over-hoarding or understocking of essential resources.

Lease management

Manage lease contracts of heavy machinery to facilitate the production requirements. Automate scheduling of machines and daily site workers for mission-critical operations.


Track, access, and manage your resources from any device. Create instant reports to share production progress with stakeholders.

Tracking: Track machine-hours, labor hours, wastage, and more. Create professional reports and share them in different formats.

Consolidated view: Store the production progress data in the cloud. Increase accountability of each progress, thereby increasing efficiency,

Image sharing: Share construction progress with pictures to the clients.

Automated workflow

Get instant approvals about the production progress. Notify key personnel about task completion for instant initiation of the next stage.

Comprehensive dashboard: Use one platform for managing production reports, client communication, order management, data management, and more.

Alerts and notifications: Utilize personalized alerts to indicate the completion of specific milestones. Automate invoicing, procurement, or auditing based on production completion status.