Paperwork in construction projects is overwhelming. Be smart and
choose ePROMIS document management.

Paperless collaboration

Collaborate and converse rapidly by accessing critical submittals, documents, and forms from the cloud. Reduce time lost in handling physical documents with ePROMIS Construction Cloud.


Improve information flow through the project life cycle with ePROMIS Enterprise Cloud. Share data across multiple departments and decrease the time taken for implementation.


Connect owners, contractors, supervisors, field workers, and more with one platform. Increase visibility and accountability with easy-to-access documents with high security.

Document backup

Back up important documents in a reliable private ePROMIS Enterprise Cloud. Access documents whenever needed on any device and at any location.

Approval management

Invite team members or managers to add comments and approvals to the documents. Implement easy tracking of approval status to reduce waiting time.


Secure your data from onsite theft, physical damage, or being misplaced. Keep important documents locked in an encrypted cloud. Limit unessential access to data by using role-based access or multi-level access to documents.

Attain True Digital Transformation with an All in One Cloud ERP

ePROMIS ERP Cloud is a comprehensive solution for document management. It helps businesses to streamline their processes and manage their documents more effectively. ePROMIS ERP Cloud is the perfect solution for businesses of all sizes. Contact us today to find out more about how we can help you streamline your processes and improve your document management. With ePROMIS ERP Cloud, you can:

  • Store and access your documents from any device or location
  • Automate workflows to speed up your processes
  • Create customised reports to track your progress and much more


Increase accountability with proper documentation of all stages of processes.

Client trust: Gain credibility by reducing claims. Record all communications and payments in the cloud. Retrieve information when required to reduce the time taken to manage queries.

Objective-based management: Assign tasks and responsibilities with the required information. Allow level-based access, including manager control for approval and review.


Coordinate mission-objective tasks by automating document sharing and access.

Change tracking: Track changes on essential documents to manage construction processes. Use version tracking to avoid creating multiple documents and reduce clutter.

Easy sorting: Utilize advanced tracking with OCR technology to find documents. Make it easier to find any form, even for complex construction projects.

Resource mobility

Reduce device dependency by making documents available for download everywhere. Increase resource mobility by allowing employees and site workers to access documents through the internet.

Cost-efficiency: Reduce the cost involved in manual document sharing, misuse, or misplacement. Avoid wasting resources’ time in waiting for approvals, access, and assignment.

Formatting: Reduce the time required in creating new documents. Use existing formats to create required customized documents.