ePROMIS- FutureGen Enterprise SaaS

Build Lead Generation Programs

Create demand for new target markets and buyers. Build strategies for retaining customers and growing existing relationships with ePROMIS.

Deliver Personalized Customer-Centric Experiences

Manage customer interactions through each physical and digital touchpoint. Drive brand awareness and increase revenue with value-added services.

Reduce Costs of Services and Marketing

Eliminate guesswork and do a thorough customer analysis. Learn through sales processes and use this data to anticipate customer needs.

Improve Crisis Management

Implement CEM tools and prepare for any potential crisis. Establish clear communication, respond to complaints and enforce customer trust with ePROMIS Enterprise Cloud.

Gain Real-Time Insights

Get access to real-time business intelligence for better visibility. Analyze key performance indicators to track business results and take corrective actions.

Track Customers Interactions

Monitor all customer interactions in a unified place. Deliver personalized experiences to improve customer satisfaction and provide an excellent experience.

Attain True Digital Transformation

ePROMIS ERP Cloud provides experience management capabilities to help you build effective teams and retain top talent. The system enables you to capture and manage employee experience data, including feedback on training, career development, and other areas. This information can help you identify areas where your team needs improvement and make better decisions about talent retention.

Motivate Your Frontline Employees

Understand the concerns faced by your workforce and address them to streamline workflow. Discuss their progress and encourage them with employee-based insights.

Right Training: Provide workers access to the best study materials and guides to help them understand customers. Make employee feedback a priority as much as customer feedback.

Bring Purpose and Direction: Emphasize the importance of goal setting and let your workers build their strategies. Align all your business plans and processes with employee growth.

Productivity Metrics: Track all-around performance and give real-time feedback. Help employees understand their shortcomings and facilitate collaboration and a growth-oriented environment.

Reduce Effort and Resource Spends with ePROMIS Enterprise Saas Platform

Get 360-degree visibility and quickly access information on customer issues. Leverage customizable automation and ticket-based routing to cut down on manual labor.

Integrations: Enhance collaboration, coordination, and productivity by integrating with developer tools and business apps. Eliminate duplication of effort and focus on core business processes.

Customer- self-service: Create a knowledge base and save time spent on answering common customer questions. Remain accessible 24/7 and never miss out on helping a client.

Reporting and analytics: Place business intelligence at your fingertips and get access to real-time customer insights. Enhance employee capability and convenience with ePROMIS Enterprise Cloud ERP