Manage project resources and tasks with
ePROMIS Project Management Software


Manage a team of any size with collaboration features like file sharing, team communication, customer data sharing, and more.


Store and access all your data from one place, and take a step beyond conventional spreadsheets with ePROMIS’s cutting-edge documentation capabilities.


Use the KPI dashboard to generate insightful reports and make informed business decisions.

Resource Management

Keep track of all the project resources, such as meeting rooms, materials, etc., and ensure efficient resource utilization and management.

Real-Time Reporting

Get real-time updates and take better business decisions to achieve strategic objectives. Monitor performance parameters to take timely corrective action.

Financial Management

Reduce unnecessary expenditures and increase return on investment. Maintain all financial records in an organized manner.

Attain True Digital Transformation

ePROMIS Project Management Software is essential for businesses of all sizes. ePROMIS provides a comprehensive solution for managing projects, tasks, and resources. With ePROMIS, you can ensure that your team is working together effectively to achieve amazing things.

ePROMIS Project Management Cloud Software gives you the ability to create and manage projects with ease. With its user-friendly interface, you can quickly add or remove team members, set deadlines, and assign tasks. ePROMIS also provides powerful tools for tracking project progress and managing resources.

Effortless Project Planning

ePROMIS simplifies the project planning process. It allows you to outline goals and budget, thereby ensuring you meet your objectives on time.

Project Planning and Scheduling: Create and schedule project tasks in real-time to get things done quickly

Assign Tasks: Assign and prioritize project tasks to employees, monitor their performance, and suggest changes.

Planning Tools: Get instant access to dozens of project management tools to boost your project delivery and outcome.

Balanced Resource Management

Underutilization or overutilization of resources can affect project delivery. ePROMIS enables you to achieve balanced resource management.

Develop Strategic Breakdown: Set goals, identify metrics, and measure your results all from one place.

Change Management: Plan for the unplanned, reduce ad hoc requests, and ensure smooth workflow.

Time Management: Know how long things take, track down repeatable tasks, and manage time efficiently.

Improved Team Collaboration

ePROMIS is designed to streamline team collaboration so that your team feels connected. Explore the software’s team collaboration capabilities.

Centralized Communication: Integrate all internal communication in one place, and allow your team members to interact and collaborate seamlessly.

Task Delegation: Delegate tasks to team members based on their skills, abilities, and experience.

Remote Working: Easily manage scattered workforces and ensure all team members are on the same page.