Improve safety and compliance
with ePROMIS FutureGen Enterprise Software

Customized Workflows

Enhance your organizational workflows with ePROMIS’s efficient tracking, reporting, and management capabilities.

Performance Indicators

ePROMIS EHS software goes beyond compliance management by providing insights into your company’s safety performance insights.

Notifications and Alerts

With ePROMIS, you can receive real-time notification alerts, allowing you to prioritize urgent approvals and speed up the major work process.


Add various types of forms, attachments, and checklists for inspections, audits, safety observations.

Document Management

Manage all environmental and safety-related documents in a unified place to increase access and efficiency.

Business Intelligence

Track all key performance indicators to ensure your organization is maintaining health and safety compliance.

Attain True Digital Transformation

ePROMIS EHS Management Software is an important part of any organization. ePROMIS offers a comprehensive solution that helps you manage your health, safety, and environment in a better way. With ePROMIS, you can track and monitor compliance with safety regulations, identify and assess risks, and take corrective action when necessary. ePROMIS also provides a platform for collaboration and communication between various stakeholders.

Reduce Carbon Footprint

ePROMIS enables you to keep track of and manage energy consumption, thereby helping you reduce your company’s overall carbon footprint.

Reduce Paperwork: Ditch paper-based processes and embrace digital documents and e-signatures.

Reduce Energy Consumption: Get rid of printers and reduce the usage of other devices.

Usage Monitoring: Oversee energy consumption and wastage in real-time, and identify and address scopes for improvement.

Mobile Reporting

With remote work becoming the norm, mobile reporting capabilities have become essential in EHS management. ePROMIS provides best-in-class mobile reporting features.

Multimedia Reporting: Click pictures and record videos of incidents and upload them for quick reporting.

Remote Access: Cloud-based capabilities allow you to report incidents from anywhere.

Offline Access: The solution comes with offline capabilities. You can record and share incidents even if no signal is available.

Safer and Compliant Workforce

One of the major benefits of ePROMIS is that it allows you to ensure the safety and protection of your workers. It is a comprehensive solution that empowers you to keep your workforce healthy, safe, and secure.

Strategic Decisions: Enable EHS managers to make tactical and strategic decisions.

Monitor Environment Safety: Oversee pollution, carbon footprint, and other hazardous aspects of your workforce from one place.

Legal Compliance: Ensure that your organization meets all the current legal requirements