Manage your fleet efficiently with
ePROMIS Enterprise Software

GPS Vehicle Tracking

Track all vehicles of your fleet in real-time. The solution provides visibility into vehicle location, speed, acceleration, idle time, etc.

Driving Behavior Analysis

Analyze your drivers’ behavior with ePROMIS. Identify overspeeding and long routes to train your drivers accordingly.

Fuel Management

Stay on top of fuel consumption and reduce unnecessary fuel costs with the help of ePROMIS fleet management software.

Route Planning and Monitoring

Identify the shortest routes to save fuel, time, and money. Track real-time routing to provide live feedback and enhance operational efficiency.


Ensure reduction in fuel costs by keeping a check on driver behavior. GPS monitoring can help in following the best route to save time and money.

Train Staff Better

Identify errant driver behavior to conduct targeted training sessions. Monitor performance and provide real-time feedback to fleet drivers.

Attain True Digital Transformation

ePROMIS Fleet Management Software for Enterprises is a comprehensive fleet management software that helps organizations manage their fleet of vehicles effectively. The software offers a range of features such as vehicle tracking, fleet planning and optimization, fuel management, and driver behavior monitoring, to help organizations optimize their fleet operations.

The software helps businesses track and monitor their vehicles, drivers, and cargo, as well as optimize routes and schedules. ePROMIS Fleet Management Software for Enterprises also provides businesses with detailed reports on their fleet performance, allowing them to make data-driven decisions about their operations.

Improve Driver Safety

ePROMIS allows you to monitor driver performance in real-time, enabling you to drastically reduce road accidents.

Speed Monitoring: Keep an eye on the driver’s speed and send real-time alerts in the case of overspeeding.

Traffic Analysis: Analyze road traffic of each route and inform the drivers about the situation accordingly.

Hours Tracking: Track driver shift hours to ensure all drivers are getting appropriate rest and breaks between two consecutive rides.

Reduce Fuel Consumption

As fuel prices are always fluctuating, ePROMIS allows you to track fuel costs and reduce unnecessary expenses.

Route Monitoring: Shorten driver routes and therefore reduce the overall fuel consumption.

Idle Times: Monitor idle driver times and the fuel wastage associate with it. Send instant idle alerts to drivers.

Speeding: Speeding increases fuel consumption. Identify which drivers are overspeeding and address the issue promptly.

Get Real-Time Insights

ePROMIS provides real-time insights into all business operations, such as vehicle status, customer preferences, and more.

GPS Tracking: Get real-time location information of all fleet vehicles.

Expense Tracking: Track all the expenses, including maintenance costs, fines, etc.

Revenue Tracking: Monitor sales and revenue, identify top revenue sources, and boost business performance.