Reduce Manual Work And Get A Handle On Costs With Customized TimeSheets

Accurate Billing

Track the time spent on client projects, tasks, and deliverables with precise timesheets. Invest in ePROMIS FutureGen ERP software for error-free accurate billing and increase customer satisfaction.

Segmentation Of Work Hours

Empower employees to manage their workday better by dividing the total number of productive hours. Record the time spent for various tasks on ePROMIS timesheets for high accountability and faster goal achievement.

Fast and Easy Input

Ensure quick adoption of ePROMIS timesheets with the easy-to-use start and stop the timer. Get rid of micromanagement and help employees keep a check of their productivity levels with automated timesheets.

Smart Work Scheduling

Increase visibility by sharing timesheets with team members and collaborate with them for optimum resource allocation.

Seamless Project Management

Create and assign projects seamlessly by implementing timesheets by ePROMIS Cloud ERP. Adhere to completion deadlines and streamline resource allocation for better results.

Third-Party Integrations

With ePROMIS, you can integrate timesheets with vital organizational systems such as accounting, sales, human resources, and project management.

Attain True Digital Transformation with an All in One Cloud ERP

With automated timesheets, you can track all your billable works with ease. ePROMIS ERP Cloud offers time tracking features to help you manage your time and track your progress. This allows you to see how much time you've spent on each task and project. Time tracking is an essential part of any project-based business. It allows you to see where your time is being spent, and it can help you optimize your workflow. By automating your time tracking, you can save time and improve your accuracy. ePROMIS ERP's time tracking features are designed to save you time and help you improve your accuracy. With our time tracking features, you can:

  • Track all your billable work with ease
  • View your time and progress for each task and project
  • Optimize your workflow by seeing where your time is being spent

Advanced Report Generation

Get a bird’s eye view of all key metrics to know how your employees spend time at the workplace. Share real-time insights on client billing, task completion, and employee workloads through customized dashboards.

User-Friendly Visual Interface: Enable managers to get just the data they need by applying filters and labels. ePROMIS reports are highly visual and users can view timesheets in a daily, weekly, or monthly grid.

In-Depth Timesheet Analysis: Utilize data analysis tools to check the impact of time spent on individual project tasks on revenues and operational efficiency.

Track Time Spent By Employees

Monitor the exact time spent by employees on various tasks and activities at the workplace. Facilitate better work scheduling to prevent time wastage and increase job engagement.

Increased Productivity: Access timesheets on any device to ensure round-the-clock monitoring. Track time irrespective of geographic location and offline mode to increase productivity in all key functional areas.

Get Alerts and Notifications: Get instant alerts and notifications in case of less effective working hours to manage your time smartly.