Empower Your Supply-chain With Technology

Supplier Database

Create and manage a centralized repository with supplier rates, conditions, stock quality, contact information, delivery timelines, and payment records through ePROMIS ERP software.

Order Tracking

Track all your orders in real-time with desktop or mobile apps. Check their status, delivery times, due dates, and more through our order tracking module and share information with the concerned teams.

Fleet Management

Ensure that each inventory fleet reaches as per schedule, ensuring the safety and security of stock. Notify suppliers about the stocks required, faulty items received deductions, and additional charges at various instances automatically.

Integrated Invoicing

ePROMIS helps you create and customize supplier invoices and make several adjustments to them. Include deductions due to faulty or damaged products and add outstanding billing amounts to current bills for easy adjustments.

Instant Reports

Gain access to instant reports regarding supplier payments and quality. Know about previous dealings, terms and conditions, and payment history through customizable reports.

Payment Processing

Process payments from multiple parties through a single unified system. Pay advances, schedule transfers, and integrate multiple payment modules through ePROMIS.

Attain True Digital Transformation

If you're looking to evaluate, monitor, and improve your supply chain with a top-tier ERP solution, ePROMIS ERP is the perfect choice. ePROMIS ERP is a cloud-based solution that offers comprehensive functionality for managing all aspects of your supply chain. With ePROMIS ERP, you'll be able to streamline your operations and make better decisions based on accurate and up-to-date information. ePROMIS ERP is the perfect choice for evaluating, monitoring, and improving your supply chain. Contact us today for a free demo of ePROMIS ERP!

Onboard Suppliers Efficiently

Add suppliers directly into your system with all key information. Add suppliers in bulk and save their banking information for quick payments.

Digital Bidding: Simplify the bidding experience by making it digital. Choose from the best supplier options and award projects directly through our interface.

Easy evaluation: Evaluation of offers becomes easy once you have all supplier information by your side. Enterprises can also compare supplies' rates, merits & demerits through our supplier module.

Supplier Assignment & Records Management

Get to know of a supplier's previous dealings with the company and its results. View credits assigned to different suppliers and their response times to make better decisions.

Quick Assignment: Assign and start projects quickly with ePROMIS. Manage documentation, contracts, supplier assignment, and delivery seamlessly from our intelligent interface.

Outstanding Reports: Gain a complete picture of the options available to you and their previous records. Access outstanding payment reports before supplier assignment.