Simplify Subcontractor Procurement, Transfers, and Operations

Easy Order Creation

ePROMIS helps you accelerate payments with quick and easy quotes and invoices. Set up payments, add terms & conditions, and send receipts directly to clients through our portal.


Create tenders and include multiple providers for bidding, approve tenders as per schedule and terms and manage the entire workflow of the tendering and invoicing process digitally.


Manage transactions with subcontractors digitally and streamline communication through ePROMIS channels. Our solutions simplify inquiry, billing, inventory transfers, and reporting on the go.

Data Management

Record, store, and authenticate data for subcontractors and vendors using our dedicated modules. Manage payrolls for workers and record day-to-day transactions from any device anywhere.

Smooth Onboarding

Add subcontractors to your system individually or in bulk. Add notes regarding tasks, automate payment dates and store all contractor information in a centralized database.

Easy Interactions

Interact with subcontractors through multiple channels, including apps, emails, and text messages. Notify vendors regarding tender approvals, payment dates, and service details through our integrated system.

Greater Stock Movement & Billing Visibility

Stay cognizant of the movement of stock obtained from different contractors. Track transfers in real-time and shares relevant transit details with your teams in a flash.

Transfer of Materials: Manage material transfers to and from different vendors digitally. Streamline scheduling, planning, and movement of thousands of stock entries in seconds through our cloud solutions.

Subcontractor Reporting: Updating of records by both your staff and contractors becomes hassle-free with ePROMIS. Add records, verify claims, and view performance directly through our application.

Flexible Billing & Order Management

ePROMIS helps you create customized bills and payment plans for vendors. You can add local tariffs for more accurate billing and create different bill types for different contractors instantly.

Order Management: Simplify order generation, records management, billing, and order finalization with ePROMIS Enterprise Cloud. Gain a holistic overview of your orders from different parties and share reports instantly across teams.

Easy Enquiry: Access important contract records and get in touch with contractors through our multi-channel approach. Get your queries resolved directly through our subcontractor communication module.