Make Comprehensive Contract Documents and Administer Work Progress With Ease

Establish Time Boundaries

Get an in-depth analysis of your timeline and create a detailed outline of your construction plan. Eliminate redundant processes and incorporate mid-project design changes with ePROMIS.

Understand Your Budget

Develop a better understanding of overhead and hidden costs. Reduce errors in cost calculation and control your schedule to avoid delays and labor costs.

Track Team Performance

Help your team members understand their responsibilities and track progress onsite. Give real-time feedback and assess employee performance to achieve your project goals.

Map Out Milestones

Identify the necessary sequence of tasks and loop in stakeholders. Ensure everyone is on the same page to execute tasks efficiently.

Establish Better Communication

Build open lines of communication with people involved in different parts of construction. Analyze, plan and execute tasks and enjoy enhanced coordination with ePROMIS Enterprise Software.

Reduce Scope of Error

Outline the expectations of the whole project team and eliminate misunderstandings. Leverage the power of construction management tools and ensure client satisfaction with ePROMIS Construction Cloud.

Attain True Digital Transformation with an All in One Cloud ERP

ePROMIS Enterprise Cloud Applications provides a comprehensive solution that helps you manage projects of any size and complexity. It gives you the power to set budgets, contracts, and deliverables for your projects, and track their progress with ease. With its easy-to-use interface and advanced features, ePROMIS Enterprise Cloud Applications is the ideal solution for managing your projects. Some of the key features of ePROMIS Enterprise Cloud Applications include:

  • Project and Contract Management: Set budgets, contracts, and deliverables for your projects, and track their progress with ease.
  • Resource Planning and Scheduling: Plan and allocate resources for your projects, and track their utilization with ease.
  • Time and Expense Tracking: Track time and expenses incurred on your projects, and generate reports for billing and invoicing purposes.
  • Business Intelligence and Reporting: Gain insights into your project data with the help of powerful business intelligence and reporting tools.

Achieve Strategic Goals

Initiate, define, accelerate or terminate projects in accordance to achieve goals and fulfill the vision of your organization. Eliminate blockages and reduce operational costs with ePROMIS Enterprise Software.

Better Quality Control: Apply strict management policies while providing employee flexibility to streamline the construction process. Eliminate daily disruptions by automating core processes.

Forecast Contractor’s Cash Flow: Eliminate cash crunch and unfavorable payment conditions. Do a thorough analysis of client demands and fix a budget that works best.

Plan Mobilization of Resources

Develop a plan that allows you to allocate resources and address their shortage beforehand. Fulfill client obligations and avoid last-minute mishaps.

Organizational Growth: Make room for improvements and scale-up of services that your organization currently provides. Anticipate new areas of need in construction and expand your client base.

Financial Sustainability: Get complete visibility and understanding of your finances to plan resource allocation better. Generate new streams of revenue while maintaining your project budgets.