An affordable asset management tool for your construction business
ePROMIS Construction Cloud

Asset tracking

Build your asset database and track inventory. Improve the performance of your assets by continuous monitoring of multi-site construction equipment.

IT inventory

Automate tracking of IT inventories and software. Get an overview of the status of all your IT assets. Handle idle and underutilized resources from one platform.

Reporting modules

Generate automated reports with customized metrics using ePROMIS FutureGen Enterprise cloud. Reduce inefficiency due to computation errors, manual delays, and missing data.

Single dashboard

Allow employees to handle asset information via multiple devices and locations. Manage your inventory with automated updates synchronized to your database.

Accurate Budgeting

Maintain better budgets with ePROMIS Enterprise Cloud software. Plan for the future to gain a competitive advantage.

Real-Time Insights

Get real-time business intelligence to know about project assets, equipment, and resources effectively.

Productivity increase

Automate asset management and reduce the time and resources wasted during the project. Utilize live synchronized data from all locations to manage tasks and resources with efficiency.

Asset lifetime: Manage asset lifetime with automated reports covering material exits, borrowing time, breakages, etc.

Visibility: Improve visibility of your construction site and inventory management. Control multiple sites and projects with one dashboard. Utilize automated alerts to keep track of contingencies.


The ePROMIS Cloud solution offers end-to-end security for your data, equipment, and human resources.

Worker safety: Track depreciation and maintenance schedules to proactively replace or repair your assets. Increase workplace safety to reduce legal and accident costs.

Data Security: Secure your data with encryption and multi-factor authentication. Avoid technical costs in managing complex cloud infrastructure. Increase information safety and collaboration with a single sign-on facility.

Budget forecasting

Forecast budget and resource requirements with accuracy. Monitor and evaluate your inventory continuously to maintain a better standard.

Reduce downtime: Avoid productivity dips due to construction halts because of stockouts. Order, required assets based on material usage, depreciation, and other factors.

Reduce inventory cost: Automate procurements and supplier management to avoid hoarding materials. Reduce the cost and risk involved in inventory storage and handling.