Align your resources to mission-critical tasks
with alerts and notifications

Project dashboard

Customize your tasks with automated alerts and notifications. View important alerts instantly on your ePROMIS Construction Cloud dashboard.

Personalized task management

Empower your employees with customized notifications for their pending task lists. Assign multiple notifications for the same task performed by different employees.

Instant reports

Give your employees more than just an alert. Automate detailed reports along with notifications to make better decisions.


Manage your entire team with notification-based scheduling. Control resource management and manage the whole workload remotely.


Increase visibility in critical project tasks. Ensure better team collaboration and communication to meet project deadlines.

Resource Allocation

Ensure smooth and timely resource allocation. Manage employee schedules better for seamless workflow management.

Planning multiple tasks

Plan your notifications to automate several background tasks. Allow employees to focus on critical objectives with automated alerts and notifications.

Track timeline: Update the timeline and work status with real-time alerts and notifications.

Identify gaps: Use alerts to track spending, resource utilization, delayed completion, and more.

Resource management: Assign customized alerts to manage multiple tasks. Manage multiple resources at multiple locations with one dashboard.

Instant reporting

Create goal-focused alerts at a push of a button. Create a log of alerts to manage your project.

Collaboration: Share notifications with specific employees to make decisions as a group.

Visibility: Increase the visibility of your construction site with the ePROMIS Construction Cloud. Manage the work site even from a remote location.

Automate: Utilize alerts to initiate automated processes. Improve efficiency by decreasing manual dependencies.

Time management

Reduce the time required for initiating action. Decrease time utilized in re-working or cleaning up errors.

Compliance management: Utilize alerts to follow legal and safety compliances. Avoid legal consequences and non-billable works.

Security management: Automate remote security using alerts.