If you trust numbers for decisions, improve your ability
with the ePROMIS business platform.

Save Time

Save time while creating eagle-view and in-depth analysis. ePROMIS allows you to analyze data with a pre-built dashboard and reports in real-time.

Create Actionable Reports

Reduce decision-making time with actionable reports. Customize the reports to suit the current business situation, forecasting, and more.


Generate one-click reports with ready-to-use formats, pre-defined metrics, etc., with ePROMIS Enterprise Cloud. Choose the metrics and advanced analytical tools that will quantify the data into a visual representation. The output is downloadable in formats of your choice for further analysis.


Take business intelligence beyond departmental boundaries. Share pivot tables, visual charts, graphs, and more with ease. Reduce redundancy and improve productivity with better integration.

Increased Customer Satisfaction

Understand customer behavior and patterns by acting on feedback in real-time. Anticipate customer needs and deliver better service.

Expand Profit Margins

Analyze inefficiencies and increase profitability. Get access to aggregated sales data and develop better budgeting strategies.

Attain True Digital Transformation

ePROMIS All in One Cloud ERP has a built in business intelligence solution that can help you make better decisions for your business. It can help you track your performance, identify trends, and make predictions about the future. With ePROMIS Cloud ERP, you can get the insights you need to grow your business.

ePROMIS Cloud ERP has a comprehensive business intelligence tool that offers a wide range of features and benefits. It can help you track your performance, identify trends, and make predictions about the future. With ePROMIS Cloud ERP, you can get the insights you need to grow your business.

A diverse range of functionalities

Streamline your entire core functions without increasing resource costs. Drive innovation and accelerate your business growth.

Free up time and resources: Avoid spending man-hours in redundant management actions. Improve delegation and management across departments with one platform.

Improve collaboration, visibility, and profitability: Derive cross-departmental insights for better teamwork and enhanced efficiency.

Deliver consistency across multiple departments: Gain an eagle-eye view of the entire operation. Improve consistency in resource management.

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Analyze the data as you prefer

Get going with ready-to-use reports in the format that you prefer. It is much easier to visualize your data online or download it for further usage.

Customize based on exciting reports: Create from-scratch reports or customize one based on exciting reports to create a standard format.

Reporting and Analytics: Leverage the advanced reporting tools of ePROMIS and analyze business performance with ease.

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Transparency across your enterprise

Gaining accurate data across multiple systems is easier with ePROMIS. Prefer integrated solutions fueled by MI and AL over manual-based data management process.

Down to action: Generate value-added insights to current issues, opportunities, and trends to create strategies across different departments.

A single version of data: Avoid confusion by creating a single source for transaction-level and summary-level analysis.

Multi-location data: Gain a comprehensive view of your performance, issues, and reports across multiple locations without duplication.

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