ePROMIS listed among the Top 20 Most Popular ERP Software providers, globally

Houston, Texas, April 15, 2017 Share

American multinational corporation, ePROMIS Solutions Inc. has been listed among the world’s top 20 Enterprise Resource Planning Software providers, according to the latest report.

The Houston-based technology innovator ranked 14 out of 20 peers in the Most Popular ERP listing by Capterra®, a Gartner® company based in Arlington, VA. ePROMIS® up an impressive five places in this latest world ranking, reflecting the product’s strong popularity across the global market.

ERP is a platform that integrates tools and systems that enable an organization to automate almost all of their day-to-day business processes. “The Top ERP software listing by a Gartner company is recognized as a rigorous and reliable measure of comparative peer performance among the corporate, consulting, and financial communities. We are delighted to be listed alongside other global leaders in the Enterprise Resource Planning industry,” commented ePROMIS Solutions’ Director, Marketing & HR, Alexander Henry.

Capterra® launched the ‘Top 20 Most Popular ERP Software Series’ in 2012 as their best attempt to recognize the most widely adopted solutions and honoring the market leaders in the business management software sector. Capterra®’s popularity index for business applications is based on a straightforward scorecard methodology analyzing the number of unique organizations using the software, number of active users, and the whole social media presence and online reputation of the organization.

ePROMIS Solutions Inc. may be best known as an Enterprise Resource Planning software provider, but their product portfolio also includes analytics, business intelligence, software consultation, project management, digital transformation, customer relationship management, and human capital management solutions. ePROMIS’ business solutions gained enormous popularity over the years and received awards and recognitions from trusted business software advisory firms including Capterra®, FinancesOnline®, SoftwareAdvice®, TechnologyAdvice®, andCrowdReviews®. The company has worldwide operations by maintaining growing channel partner network, regional offices and support centers.

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