ePROMIS ERP Ranked in the Capterra’s Top 20 ERP List for the Second Year in a Row

Houston, Texas, February 7, 2018 Share

Houston, February 7, 2018 - Global business software innovator ePROMIS Solutions Inc. announced that ePROMIS ERP is ranked among world’s top 20 Enterprise Resource Planning software solutions for 2018.

The Top 20 Most Popular ERP Software is an independent assessment by Capterra, a Gartner company which evaluates customer base, user reviews, number of active users and social presence of software solution provides across the globe to identify top performers in the business software market.

ePROMIS ERP won this remarkable achievement for the second time in a row. Kaitie Connolly, Senior Product Research Director at Capterra, commented, "Our research team listed the most popular ERP software solutions on the market today. With fast-growing user base and a strong multi-channel social media presence, ePROMIS ERP jumped from 14th to 13th position in our latest ranking.” Click here for Capterra’s top ERP software ranking for 2018.

“We are honored to be recognized by Capterra this year too. ePROMIS ERP improved its position in the ranking, and that makes us proud,” said ePROMIS Solutions CEO Mathews Mathew. “ePROMIS ERP is a blend of innovative technologies and industry-specific best practices to support companies to capitalize on opportunities and maximize business growth,” he added.

ePROMIS ERP remains one of the most favorably reviewed business management solutions by organizations on trusted third party review platforms including Capterra, Software Advice, FinancesOnline and CrowdReviews, and is also listed in Gartner's FrontRunners Quadrant and ERP software ranking by CIO Applications.  “Globally we are maintaining a significant position in the business software business by being up-to-date in terms of technology, industrial and regional compliances, and market trends,” Thomas Mathew, the COO and Director Global Operations of ePROMIS Solutions remarked. ePROMIS is engaged in research and development activities for incorporating emerging technologies such as the Internet of Things (IoT), Augmented Reality, and Artificial Intelligence in ERP software applications.

Headquartered in Houston, ePROMIS Solutions Inc. is a multinational software company providing industry-specific on-premise, cloud and web-based business software solutions to construction contracting, real estate, petrochemical, manufacturing, logistics, and supply chain. In addition to regional subsidiaries, ePROMIS has solution partners across U.S., U.K, Australia, Malaysia, and Singapore, and also expanding new foreign markets including India, Eastern Europe, and South America. 

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