ePROMIS announces next generation enterprise management product, ePROMIS ERP 12.5

Houston, USA, August 5, 2015 Share

Business technology innovator ePROMIS Solutions Inc. confirms new ePROMIS ERP 12.5 software release. ‘‘It’s great news for the enterprises around the world’’, in a business event held on Monday, Mathews Mathew, the CEO of Houston-based multinational software company, ePROMIS Solutions Inc. expressed his happiness regarding the newest ePROMIS 12.5 ERP software release. “As an innovative and comprehensive enterprise management solution, ePROMIS ERP Software 12.5 is aimed to change the way your business approaches resource planning and forecasting”, he added.

The newest enterprise release of ePROMIS ERP software offers a broad range of innovative features including Real-time business intelligence (RTBI) and the ability to handle Big Data, to harness the power of enterprise-wide analytics. “Governance, Risk Management, and Compliance requirements and Global Trade Compliance requirements of large enterprises are fully addressed in this most modern ERP software”, said Mathews Mathew, the Executive Director of ePROMIS Solutions Inc., USA at the inauguration event.

Built on the proven, trusted ePROMIS enterprise resource planning (ERP) software platform the newly announced release 12.5 is capable of supporting large as well as growing organizations across the globe. “For our current customers of ePROMIS ERP software earlier releases, the newest ERP software release is a quick win through ePROMIS’ accelerated deployment service. And for new customers, it’s their excellent opportunity to Be Smart, Do Business Better”.

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