ePROMIS reveals its new brand identity and logo

Houston, June 1, 2019 Share

ePROMIS Solutions, Inc. Texas-based multinational business management software provider announced today the launch of an entirely refreshed brand identity. The new unified global brand identity includes a new simplified logo and brand colors, an updated website, and a refreshed company manifesto. These changes come at a time when the company is evolving its product portfolio offerings and expanding global presence. 

The new logo and brand identity reflect the bold, energetic, and forward-looking culture of ePROMIS. “Since inception, ePROMIS set out on a journey to innovate, invest, and grow,” Mathews Mathew, Founder, and CEO of ePROMIS discussed the change: "In 1981, ePROMIS started-up as a firm to supply computer software and networking services to small businesses. Today, we're a leading business management software innovator with diversified product portfolio, extensive geographical presence. We've evolved over the years, and so has our visual identity.”

Designed with simplicity in mind, the new logo, and color scheme can seamlessly fit into ePROMIS’ different ventures — from corporate websites and social media to SaaS solutions and ERP software. The company also introduced new iconography for its business solutions, ePROMIS ERP, ePROMIS CRM, ePROMIS HCM, and mobile apps. “Our new look is innovative, modern, and professional,” said Alexander Henry, Director, Marketing of ePROMIS Solutions.  “The new wordmark logo is a future-proof version of ePROMIS’ original logo, the letter 'e' in red color and 'PROMIS' in blue. The red and blue colors in the logo, which are also found in the flag of Texas to acknowledge the company’s origin and from where we have started our journey.” 

The new brand identity is now deployed across all digital channels of ePROMIS, including websites, social media, and will continue the roll-out in the coming months.


ePROMIS Solutions Inc., through its regional subsidiaries and partners, is a global provider of innovative business management software solutions to various industries including construction & engineering, real estate, oil & gas, manufacturing, and trading. The company has a presence in the U.S., U.K, Australia, the Middle East, and Northern Africa, Malaysia, Singapore, and currently in the process of expanding to India, Southern Africa, and Eastern Europe, as well as strengthening its position in countries where it already has operations. For more information about ePROMIS, visit www.epromis.com or email [email protected]

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