ePROMIS Named High Performer, Wins Multiple Awards In G2 Winter Report 2022
Awards and recognitions are the fuel that keeps all of us going in our professional and personal lives, and they also acknowledge our efforts and commitment to specific goals. And we, at ePROMIS, are no exception.

We were recently named a 'High Performer' in multiple G2 Crowd Quadrants, as well as selected for Mid-Market and Enterprise Grid in multiple categories. And, to be honest, we're on cloud nine!

G2, formerly known as G2 Labs or G2 Crowd, is a Chicago-based software and IT service review website. The company organizes a quarterly event where it recognizes the best software and IT services in multiple categories based on the reviews and ratings submitted by its website users.

G2's quarterly awards are recognized by top IT corporations worldwide. In addition, a huge number of users prefer to visit this website before purchasing software or subscribing to IT services.

Among the hundreds of various software categories, CRM & Marketing, Cloud Computing, ERP & Commerce, and HR & Office are the ones that gain the most traction and face the most fierce competition year on year.

In addition to the 'High Performer' rating, ePROMIS was selected for the following 8 categories and grids:

1. Grid® Report for Accounting | Winter 2022
2. Grid® Report for ERP Systems | Winter 2022
3. Enterprise Grid® Report for ERP Systems | Winter 2022
4. Mid-Market Grid® Report for ERP Systems | Winter 2022
5. Enterprise Grid® Report for Discrete ERP | Winter 2022
6. Grid® Report for Discrete ERP | Winter 2022
7. Enterprise Grid® Report for Distribution ERP | Winter 2022
8. Grid® Report for Distribution ERP | Winter 2022

To summarize, our products received 4 awards in the overall grid category, 3 in the Enterprise grid category, and 1 in the mid-market category. These nominations ultimately prove that the ePROMIS ERP is the best option for businesses of all sizes and scales, whether small or large.This outstanding achievement, as well as recognition from the world's largest and most reputable software marketplace– G2, indicates nothing more than our unwavering commitment to provide the finest business solutions to our valued clients worldwide. ePROMIS enterprise management suite currently boasts 5 out of 5 stars on the G2 website, with some positive and encouraging feedback. Moreover, the five most liked or appreciated features of ePROMIS ERP by users are:

1. Intuitive user interface
2. Well-defined workflow
3. Round the clock support
4. Range of sophisticated features, and
5. Easy integration with multiple business apps and services

Take a look at some of the best user reviews that give us goosebumps and inspire us to deliver the best:

1. 'Say Yes To AI-based excellence and enhance Customer Experience With ePROMIS SaaS ERP Software.

ePROMIS processes historical data and identifies seasonal patterns to predict future events accurately, provides lightning-fast complaint resolution, and guarantees customer satisfaction with chatbots and virtual agents. It also has helped us save tons of time by automating workflows and organizing processes. In addition, you can also measure key performance indicators to improve job performance and identify fallbacks.'

2. 'Customized ERP solution with top-notch functionality, great customer support.

Our team had a positive experience with ePROMIS ERP. It's an all-inclusive ERP system for construction and engineering companies. Helped us streamline workflow approvals, manage forecasts, and enhance project management.'

3. 'A smart and fully integrated ERP - can give your business an instant competitive edge!

ePROMIS is a force to reckon with in the ERP domain. Our organization had an excellent experience. Fully stacked with powerful features, ePROMIS has in-depth reporting capabilities and unified data in a centralized location. An all-in-one solution, ERP can't get better than ePROMIS!'Keep in mind that these are only a few examples. There are many more such inspiring and positive feedbacks about ePROMIS ERP software on the G2 website. Also, all of these user reviews are absolutely unbiased and genuine since G2 uses a very advanced algorithm and has several checkpoints in place to help identify fake user reviews by identifying employees at firms rating their own products positively or rating the products of their competitors negatively. Furthermore, each review on G2 is manually inspected and voted on by community members to discourage spam and improper feedback. In addition, in cases of doubt or bogus reviews, G2's QC team requests screenshots of the reviewer using the product for further verification.All of these rigorous quality checks ensure that the product or software has only genuine reviews that ultimately help the users in selecting the best product.

Additionally, the G2 has generated the Winter 2022 Report using its patented technology, which predicts global rankings based on a variety of elements such as,

1. Overall customer satisfaction,
2. Ease of doing business,
3. Market presence, and
4. Number of Reviews

To cut a long story short, being featured and winning G2 awards is a truly proud moment for any IT corporation or IT product, including ePROMIS. For this reason, we are certainly thrilled with this achievement and hoping for many more!

We'd like to take this opportunity to thank all of our clients, users, and reviewers for their continuous support in getting us to this position. We expect you to continue to shower us with the same love, support, and encouragement for years to come!

Now, let's wrap up this blog with a brief overview of the ePROMIS enterprise management suite to help you understand our product better.

An Overview of ePROMIS ERP

ePROMIS is a scalable, modern, secure, and customizable Enterprise SaaS Platform that is much more than ERP software. The platform is designed to assist your business in achieving its full potential by helping you with a range of business operations such as:

1. Provide your company with unparalleled mobility and on-the-go support.

2. Offer valuable insights that allow you to fine-tune the plan on time.

3. Assist you in planning and scheduling your resources with dexterity using an integrated database.

4. Allow you to manage your assets– allocation, maintenance, and deployment.

5. Provide heightened security to ensure the safety of organizational records.

6. Allow you to communicate effectively across different channels, boosting customer satisfaction.

In addition, our solution is highly scalable, customizable, and secure, and it is capable of meeting the diverse business challenges of various industries such as Automotive, Banking & Financial Services, Distribution, Construction, FMCG, Healthcare, Hospitality, Logistics, Non-profits, Retail, and Real-estate, among others.Along with industry-specific solutions, we also develop custom business IT solutions, as well as solutions for cloud service, finance management, HR and people management, and professional services, among other areas.Overall, we provide a broad spectrum of AI-powered, comprehensive, and scalable business solutions that can be tailored to your specific needs and empower you to push your company to the next level. Take a look around our website to find more about the ePROMIS enterprise management suite, our services, our products, and more. Also, you can always contact our sales team to get a detailed introduction about our products, prices, and service terms.