ePROMIS wins Customer’s Choice and Rising Star awards by SoftwareSuggest
SoftwareSuggest, a leading business software review company recognized ePROMIS ERP with Summer 2018 Customer’s Choice and Rising Star awards.

The business software discovery and recommendation platform SoftwareSuggest considers valid customer opinions to identify the technology suppliers that are delivering the best experience for their customers. ”We received both awards with utmost pride and satisfaction; these recognitions confirm not only our forward-thinking innovation but also the hard work that keeps customers well-served,” said Abraham Mammen, Chief Technology Officer at ePROMIS.

According to SoftwareSuggest, ePROMIS ERP has proven deserving of this elite status. The system offers various applications and functionalities including real-time information, electronic approvals, business intelligence and analytics, mobile apps, document management system, document attachment system, cloud deployment, and audit trail system. ”Your win signifies a commitment to providing only the best to your customers, and we look forward to the continued innovation from ePROMIS this year and beyond,” the SoftwareSuggest team remarked.

ePROMIS ERP is a fully integrated enterprise resource planning system and has more than a million users from various industries globally. This web-based mobile-first enterprise management system provides real-time business insights to organizations helping them balance profitability and services delivery and avoid revenue loss due to inappropriate staffing and resource allocation. Research and development programs are being carried out by ePROMIS to incorporate futuristic technologies such as the Internet of Things (IoT) and Artificial Intelligence in ERP software solutions.

Headquartered in Houston, ePROMIS has operations across 15 countries, including the USA, UK, UAE, KSA, Australia, Malaysia, and Singapore. The company has achieved an excellent report for its top-quality products and outstanding services, providing customers with better visibility, tighter control, and improved profitability. With stable growth witnessed in the newly industrialized countries (NICs), ePROMIS recently announced its plans to enter such markets including India, Eastern Europe, and South America.