ePROMIS among the Top 10 Most Innovative Construction Tech Solution Providers by Insights Success
Insights Success ranks ePROMIS in the Top 10 Most Innovative Construction Tech Solution Providers 2018 category

Texas-based ePROMIS Solutions has been incorporated into the list of the 10 most innovative construction tech providers of 2018. The list was published by Insights Success, a business magazine that puts focus on leading as well as emerging companies.

As construction work grew to be complex, technology became its integral factor. Once the technology used was mechanical, but now information technology dominates the field. Even as the sector is growing rapidly, technology is being an essential part of the construction world.

Of the many factors that have created hurdles for the construction sector, risk assessment has always remained an issue. Now, through the use of the ERP software, risks can be identified during the nascent stage of the project and eliminated or handled to avoid any untoward incident in the future.

ePROMIS has been at the forefront of the sector’s technological solution-related needs as it strives to provide its clients services that minimize costs and sustainably use resources while maintaining the work’s quality.

With the impetus to serve all its clients, ePROMIS’ Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software is tailored as per the need of its users. The ERP system comes in various editions, such as ePROMIS Lite, which is for budding construction companies, ePROMIS Innovate, which is customized to suit the needs of a medium-sized organization, and ePROMIS Enterprise, which is developed for large organizations.

The ERP system is compatible with mobile devices, making it easy-to-use, and also aiding in checking daily reports, authorizing requests and documents, and purchasing order permits.

Further, ePROMIS has leverage over data analytics companies that help it in acquiring insights for its clients in real-time. These insights are found to be beneficial by the clients as it helps them in decision-making, thereby, enhancing their business prospects.

The ability to innovate and enhance service to its customers sets ePROMIS apart from its competitors. This engagement with its customers has helped in making ePROMIS what it is now. With ePROMIS, the development and innovations are tailored as per the customers’ requirements.

Speaking about the challenges he faced in the construction sector, Mathews Mathew, CEO of ePROMIS Solutions says, 'When we entered the construction sector as a software provider the industry was booming. But standardizing business processes at construction companies was a significant challenge due to high dependency on manual processes and organizational-specific requirements. On top of that, the construction industry was very slow in adopting enterprise software compared to other sectors. We faced this challenge by incorporating industry-specific global best practices with organizational-specific requirements. That approach succeeded in gaining trust and within a decade ePROMIS became the backbone of many leading construction companies.'