FrontRunners Report for ERP software 2019; ePROMIS ERP retained its No. 1 position
ePROMIS ERP gets hat-trick as it retains the top position in Frontrunners report by Gartner-owned Software Advice. Software Advice publishes Frontrunners for ERP report biannually listing the market's top ERP products based on scores for usability and user recommendation. ePROMIS ERP is among Frontrunners' continuously listed ERP solutions winning the top position in May 2018, October 2018, and April 2019.

In the official announcement, Mathews Mathew, ePROMIS’ Founder and CEO said: “We are delighted that ePROMIS ERP has once again achieved top position in FrontRunners for ERP report. He observed ePROMIS ERP’s three-time consecutive top-title achievement as the confirmation of the company’s commitment to customers. “We believe only a customer-centric business can deliver a winning customer experience; the ranking encourages us to improve our products and services continuously.”

Introduced in 2016, based on Gartner's research methodology Software Advice’s Frontrunners report is a 100% data-driven assessment report to help companies choose the right software solution. Software Advice’s research team plotted ERP products in a FrontRunners graphic with usability on the x-axis and User Recommended on the y-axis. For the 2019 report, minimum qualifying scores were 3.53 for Usability and 3.70 for User Recommended on a 5 point scale, and only 15 ERP solutions got scores high enough to be included in the FrontRunners quadrant. For products included, the scores for usability and user recommendation determine their positions, ePROMIS ERP is the all-time top scorer in FrontRunners® for ERP report scoring 4.96 for both usability and user recommendation securing a total score of 9.92 on a 10 point scale.

Over a million users from various industries use ePROMIS ERP worldwide, Thomas Mathew, ePROMIS’ CEO the remarked ePROMIS ERP’s top-position retention is a significant achievement. 'The FrontRunners report by Software Advice reflects the direct experience and feedback of ePROMIS ERP users, and being ranked so highly - winning the top position three times consecutively - makes us proud,' he said.

With the innovation framework of Vision 2025, ePROMIS has taken an entirely new approach to product development to support customers capitalize on the latest technology advancements including IoT, cloud computing, blockchain, big data analytics, and AI-powered management systems.

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