ePROMIS Named High Performer, Wins 19 Awards In G2 Fall Report 2022
We take delight in evaluating the performance and creative solutions of our prospects. And with each passing year of these 'Oscars' for business software, we observe how leaders are constantly changing how they use software to meet the ever-evolving difficulties of the contemporary world. This is demonstrated in the prize entries, which demonstrate the commitment of participating companies to assisting their clients by using technology. We're now excited to present the last trophies. Awards and recognitions are the fuel that keeps us all going in both our professional and personal life. They also serve to recognize our efforts and dedication to a given set of objectives. We at ePROMIS are no different in this regard.

Recently, we received numerous G2 Crowd Quadrant 'High Performer' designations and were chosen for multiple Mid-Market and Enterprise Grid categories. And, to be completely honest, we are ecstatic!. A software and IT service review website with its headquarters in Chicago is called G2, formerly known as G2 Labs or G2 Crowd. The business hosts a quarterly event where it honors the top software and IT services in several categories based on evaluations and ratings provided by website visitors. Top IT companies globally acknowledge the quarterly prizes given by G2. A large number of people also choose to browse our website before making software or IT service subscriptions.

CRM & Marketing, Cloud Computing, ERP & Commerce, and HR & Office are the software categories that experience the most growth and the most intense rivalry out of the hundreds of other software categories.

ePROMIS was chosen for the following categories and grids in addition to receiving the 'High Performer' rating:
1. Grid® Report for CRM | Fall 2022
2. Grid® Report for Accounting | Fall 2022
3. Grid® Report for ERP Systems | Fall 2022
4. Mid-Market Grid® Report for ERP Systems | Fall 2022
5. Enterprise Grid® Report for ERP Systems | Fall 2022
6. Grid® Report for Discrete ERP | Fall 2022
7. Grid® Report for Distribution ERP | Fall 2022
8. Enterprise Grid® Report for Discrete ERP | Fall 2022
9. Enterprise Grid® Report for Distribution ERP | Fall 2022
10. Grid® Report for Procure to Pay | Fall 2022
11. Relationship Index for ERP Systems | Fall 2022
12. Mid-Market Relationship Index for ERP Systems | Fall 2022
13. Momentum Grid® Report for ERP Systems | Fall 2022
14. Momentum Grid® Report for Discrete ERP | Fall 2022
15. Momentum Grid® Report for Distribution ERP | Fall 2022
16. Momentum Grid® Report for Accounting | Fall 2022
17. Middle East & Africa Regional Grid® Report for CRM | Fall 2022
18. Middle East Regional Grid® Report for CRM | Fall 2022
19. Momentum Grid® Report for CRM | Fall 2022

Overall, our products won six prizes in the grid category, five in the Momentum Grid category, three in the enterprise grid category, two in the regional category, two in the mid-market category, and one in the Relationship ERP system. These nominations finally demonstrate that ePROMIS ERP is the greatest choice for organizations of all shapes and sizes, whether small or large. This remarkable accomplishment and endorsement from G2, the largest and most recognized software marketplace in the world, are only further proof of our ongoing dedication to offering the best business solutions to our cherished clients throughout the world. The G2 website now rates the ePROMIS enterprise management suite 5 out of 5 stars, with some encouraging and supportive comments.

Most Promising features of ePROMIS:
In addition, consumers cite the following as the top five features of ePROMIS ERP:
1. A clear user interface
2. A clearly established process
3. Constant assistance
4. Easy connectivity with numerous corporate apps and services

Feedback from our Clients:
Check out some of the top customer testimonials that make us giddy and motivate us to provide the best service:
1. 'Say Yes To AI-based Excellence and Improve Customer Experience With ePROMIS SaaS ERP Software,' for starters. With the use of chatbots and virtual agents, ePROMIS analyzes previous data and spots seasonal patterns to precisely predict future events. It also offers blazing-fast complaint resolution. Additionally, organizing processes and automating operations, has helped us save a tonne of time. Key performance indicators can also be measured to determine fallbacks and enhance work performance.
2.'Customized ERP solution with excellent functionality and first-class customer support.': Our team enjoyed working with ePROMIS ERP. It is a comprehensive ERP solution for businesses engaged in engineering and construction. helped us manage projections, improve project management, and speed up workflow approvals.
3. 'Your company can get an immediate competitive edge with an innovative and fully integrated ERP!”: In the world of ERP, ePROMIS is a formidable opponent. ePROMIS is loaded with strong features and offers comprehensive reporting tools and unified data in one place. ERP can't get any better than ePROMIS as an all-in-one solution!

On the G2 website, numerous other ePROMIS ERP software reviews are similarly uplifting and complimentary. The fact that G2 employs a highly sophisticated algorithm and has several safeguards in place to help identify fake user reviews by identifying employees at companies rating their products favorably or the products of their competitors negatively, further ensures the objectivity and authenticity of all of these user reviews. To prevent spam and inappropriate comments, each review on G2 is personally reviewed and put to a vote by community members.

All of these stringent quality checks guarantee that the product or program only contains real reviews, which in turn aid users in making the best choice of product. Furthermore, the G2 created the Winter 2022 Report utilizing its patented technology, which forecasts global rankings based on several factors including the following:
1. Overall customer satisfaction
2. Ease of doing business
3. Market size
4. The number of reviews

Summary: ePROMIS is an enterprise SaaS platform that is much more than just ERP software. It is scalable, contemporary, secure, and adaptable. The platform's goal is to help your business run more efficiently by supporting you with a variety of tasks. In short, For any IT company or IT product, including ePROMIS, getting included and winning G2 awards is an incredibly proud event. Due to this, we are quite happy with this accomplishment and wish us luck for many more!