ePROMIS wins the Great User Experience Award and the Expert's Choice Award by FinancesOnline
Every year the leading organizations in the software sphere are endorsed with excellence awards by FinancesOnline, a California-based business solutions review platform. All recognitions are a result of a thorough and objective evaluation by a panel of industry experts to ensure the nominations meet the criteria for consideration. The standard maintained in the selection process makes these awards significant in the industry, and not all can win them.

'The Great User Experience Award is given to B2B solutions contributing significantly to the quality of user experience. Enterprise Resource Planning solutions from ePROMIS meet our experts’ quality standards.', FinancesOnline expressed their happiness in recognizing ePROMIS ERP solutions from other major enterprise resource planning software solutions.

'Awards are significant milestones and winning awards are so meaningful for everyone,' Chip Sherwood, Vice President, Marketing and Customer Engagement said about these remarkable achievements. 'We have a dedicated team of user interface and user experience designs researches. We make customers happy with the user-friendliness of our software solutions which ensures effortless navigation', he added.