Al Arif Group Replaces Microsoft Dynamics 365 With ePROMIS ERP
ePROMIS has further enriched its client tally by partnering with Al Arif– a Dubai-based construction firm. The Al Arif Group has upgraded and strengthened its technological infrastructure by replacing Microsoft Dynamic 365 with our incredibly sophisticated and thoughtfully built enterprise management suite. Along with the construction sector, Al Arif Group has a hand in a variety of other ventures, such as kitchen and bathroom fitting, home décor, carpentry services, and handyman services, to name a few. This implies that they will certainly require advanced technological infrastructure to carry out a vast number of operations on time and in a streamlined manner.

Previously, the organization was using Microsoft Dynamics 365. However, that product was unable to meet all of their business requirements. Moreover, the D365 failed to keep up with the rapidly changing market trends and was continually lagging in one thing or another.In addition, the company was unable to obtain an effective mechanical, electrical, and plumbing system, which is required in the contracting industry. The Al Arif Group also battled with inventory control, project management, asset management, and resource allocation, which led to a decline in operational activities and mishandling of human resource processes.

Compelled by all these limitations, management decided to replace Microsoft D365 with ePROMIS ERP, an enterprise platform that is highly scalable, customizable, and secure.

The ePROMIS expert team begins the job by conducting a rigorous and detailed assessment of their business model, operations, requirements, limitations, and business objectives. Based on the data and insights gathered, ePROMIS consultants created multiple operations-specific solutions and later integrated them to form a complete ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) suite.ePROMIS delivered an integrated system with an inbuilt dashboard that displays a precise picture of human resources activities and payrolls. Moreover, it also implemented end-to-end business processes for Al Arif that included contract creation and diverse mechanical, electrical, and plumbing projects. Not to mention, in addition to making the system feature-rich, the ePROMIS support team also emphasized making the system user-friendly and smoothened the transition process.

Besides, along with software implementation, ePROMIS provided the Al Arif Group with all the professional or technical assistance they needed to get along with the enterprise management suite. Moreover, it ensured to also provide necessary training to the Al Arif workforce and technical staff and guided them on how to use the tools efficiently to maximize output.And, unsurprisingly, Al Arif witnessed the results in a very short span of time!

The ePROMIS HRM system enabled the Al Arif group to efficiently use data for quick search, tracking, and management of customers' data at any time, eventually enhancing management’s decision-making abilities with minimal errors.In addition to qualitative improvements, Al Arif also saw considerable quantitative improvements in the results. For example, by using the unique MEP system, the company now has real-time visibility of all elements of their MEP strategy, which has eventually increased overall profitability by 15% over the preceding year! Furthermore, after implementing the custom-built ERP system designed by ePROMIS, Al Arif Group is no longer experiencing inventory mismanagement difficulties, resulting in lower inventory handling costs and an immediate boost in net profit. Overall, the ePROMIS ERP has greatly helped the Al Arif group achieve the scale it deserves.These amazing achievements in such a short period of time have surpassed the client's expectations and helped them get their business back on track with the potential more than ever before. And that's how we added one more name to our list of Happy Clients!