Union Holding replaces SAP with ePROMIS
ERP software allows businesses to centralize and integrate their entire business operations. Recently, companies have started investing in robust ERP systems that provide a real-time view of their operations, boost productivity, and help address industry-specific challenges. As you might already know, Union Holding is a leading multi-sector investment company. Union Holding has been offering unparalleled investment strategies and boosting its client’s portfolio value for the last two and a half-decade. While they were using SAP for a long time, it could not cater to their growing needs and, more specifically, the rapidly changing financial industry.

This is primarily why Union Holding replaced SAP with ePROMIS enterprise software. Customized especially for banking and financial companies, ePROMIS ERP offers mobile-first and better-integrated solutions to improve productivity and employee efficiency. In fact, shifting to the ePROMIS ERP has proven to be a worthy investment for Union Holding. It helped the company improve connectivity and collaboration within the organization, automate tedious tasks, and harness real-time data for making more informed decisions quickly.

Another critical area that Union Holding benefitted from ePROMIS ERP is intelligence. ePROMIS offers in-context analytics and AI-powered personalized insights to help speed up the decision process. This helped Union Holding offer better investment suggestions to their clients, resulting in increased portfolio value.

That said, here are some notable features of ePROMIS:

1. Real-time Data: ePROMIS equips businesses with real-time data, irrespective of where they are. This helps Union Holding to make better investment strategies as the market reacts to the latest global developments.

2. Efficient Operations Management: Since Union Investment’s specialty lies in various industries, such as manufacturing, real estate, shipping, oil & gas, and management, it needed a system that helps connect all its departments to streamline operations. That’s exactly what ePROMIS helped them with. It enabled them to synchronize all their functions, build accountability, and increase transparency across the organization.

3. Customer Relationship Management: Investment is a customer-centric industry. And Union Investments strived to make the most out of it. Thanks to ePROMIS, they saw an improvement in customer lifecycle management, created better predictive models for customer engagement, and were able to offer a smooth experience to all their customers.

4. Improved Customer Loyalty: Being an investment company, Union Investments requires engaging with its customer in real-time. ePROMIS ERP allowed them to remove manual-intensive traditional approaches using automation. This resulted in improvement in customer engagement and brand loyalty.

5. Advanced Business Reports and Insights: ePROMIS allowed Union Investments to leverage AI-powered insights and reports to improve their performance and make smarter decisions. It also enabled them to run “what-if” scenarios and see how the changes could affect their firm.

6. Compliance and Security Management: Investment firms are vulnerable to cyber-attacks. They also need to comply with stringent regulatory requirements. Thanks to ePROMIS, Union Investments can secure its network and meet industry-specific regulations with ease.

The rapidly changing investment landscape required Union Investments to adopt a robust system that helps improve team collaboration, automate tedious processes, and drive better results. That’s exactly what ePROMIS ERP delivers. As a result, the company can now enhance productivity, offer better investment suggestions (as the employees are freed from tedious processes), and boost customer satisfaction.

ePROMIS also made it easier for Union Holding to manage its customers. They managed everything from the customer’s first investment to the recent one from a single dashboard. Additionally, the predictive model in ePROMIS made it easier to identify which customers are likely to make investment decisions in the near future, helping the company boost its revenue.

Union Holding also saw a reduction in attrition rate after adopting the ePROMIS enterprise solution. From tracking performance and goals to career aspirations, Union Holding was able to do everything to keep its employees happy and satisfied. They were also able to identify and motivate employees to take courses for skill development, resulting in an overall optimistic workspace. Whether you want to make data-backed decisions, reduce attrition, boost productivity, or strengthen security, ePROMIS has a customized solution for your business. Join ePROMIS today and be a part of rapidly growing businesses just like Union Holding!