G2 Ranks ePROMIS as One of the Top ERP Systems in Fall 2021
The global leader in ERP innovation, ePROMIS, got a great response from software review experts, G2. ePROMIS Solutions Inc. has been ranked as the #1 company in the G2 relationship index for ERP systems.

G2 ranks companies based on the reviews from the user community, online sources, and social networks. Things that affect the G2 relationship score include ease of doing business, quality of support, likelihood to recommend, and the number of verified reviews. It makes us feel proud to say that we’ve topped in all of these aspects.

In addition to the G2 relationship index for ERP systems, ePROMIS ERP is also listed in the G2 Grid® Report for ERP Systems. It maps vendors based on market presence, performance, and customer satisfaction.

That’s not it. ePROMIS is also ranked as the top ERP in several G2 Grid® Reports, including:

1. Fall 2021 Mid-Market Grid® Report for ERP Systems
2. Fall 2021 Enterprise Grid® Report for ERP Systems
3. Fall 2021 Grid® Report for Discrete ERP
4.Fall 2021 Grid® Report for Distribution ERP

ePROMIS Solutions CEO Mathews Mathew said that “ePROMIS ERP has achieved this feat because it is always up-to-date with market trends, innovation, technology, and compliances (of different countries).” “This would also have not been possible without the influential community of partners and brand advocates who evangelize about the benefits of ePROMIS ERP,” said Mathews.


ePROMIS was established in 1981 in Houston, Texas. With over four decades of experience in the ERP industry, ePROMIS leverages innovative solutions to equip customers with the latest technologies and functionalities. The ePROMIS R&D team is currently working on delivering the most innovative ERP solutions using the latest technologies like IoT, augmented reality, blockchain, and artificial intelligence. As a multinational company, ePROMIS operates in different countries, including the US, UK, Australia, Malaysia, and Singapore via its regional subsidiaries and partners. ePROMIS is currently working on building a robust presence in Eastern Europe, South America, and India.