Free Software Advice names ePROMIS among Top 10 Best Construction Management Software in 2018
Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software developed by ePROMIS Solutions has been included among the best construction management software of 2018. The list is compiled by Free Software Advice, a globally renowned website that collects customer reviews.

The construction sphere is haunted by manual labor even for menial tasks such as accounting and data management. Towers of paperwork, unmanaged distribution of work and labor, complicated supply chains, and the lack of risk assessment have had the sector staggering on the development front.

ePROMIS has ventured into this sector providing software solutions, and its ERP software has assisted the companies to increase efficiency, reduce risks, and cut down on costs.

'Our innovation lab is working on the possibilities of inventing an AI-enabled ERP solution that will reshape the entire ERP software ecosystem and transform business processes and productivity benchmarks,' says Mathews Mathew, CEO of ePROMIS Solutions.

The software makes it easy to submit work orders and reports, which are saved on a personalized platform and is accessible to all employees concerned. As opposed to old data in hard copies, the software allows presenting the data on a real-time basis.

The ERP software can aid in identifying risk during the initial stages of a project so as to prevent future hindrance.

Further, as a conventional form of accounting is needed by construction companies today, ePROMIS’ ERP system has been modified to accommodate services for multiple currencies, financial intelligence reporting, flexible transaction options, and global trade compliance.

To make the work easy, the ERP system assists its users to approve requests and documents, access or buy order permits, and check real-time reports.

One of the many benefits of ERP software is that it is mobile-compatible, allowing easier access to the users. The software inculcates business analytics and intelligence, a system to manage and attach documents, an audit trail system, and cloud deployment to provide a boost to construction companies.

Established in 1981, ePROMIS has taken over 500 people in its fold, who are all driven to enhance service to its customers. It has over a million users all across the globe. It functions in 15 nations, including UK, UAE, USA, Malaysia, Singapore, and others. It is eyeing to either set up its base in or expand to eastern Europe, India, and South America.