BEC Group Chooses ePROMIS for Digital Transformation
ERP software is a unifier in the construction industry - it brings together people, processes, and resources! This is the main reason The Beijing Emirates Group of Companies (BEC) replaced its conventional ERP system with state-of-the-art ePROMIS enterprise software. A landmark move, shifting to the ePROMIS enterprise management suite, has led BEC to streamline all functional workflows and enhance on-the-job productivity.As you know, the Beijing Emirates Group of Companies (BEC) is a force to reckon with in the domain of construction and value engineering. The company was established in 2000 to provide refined construction and contracting services to global clients.

BEC had invested in 'Fusion Cloud ERP'; however, the platform could not cater to their growing needs. As a result, BEC could not automate construction-related workflows, navigate project deadlines, and manage inventory. Here is where ePROMIS came to the rescue! BEC decided to take the plunge and invest in ePROMIS construction project management software to define project timelines, streamline task allotment, and maximize performance. A specialized construction management ERP solution, ePROMIS was the best ERP product in the market to help construction companies manage multiple projects simultaneously.The biggest advantage that BEC accrued by partnering with ePROMIS was the access to round-the-clock real-time information about important construction projects. This improved visibility and empowered team members to make informed decisions to ensure on-time completion.

Some notable features of ePROMIS construction and engineering ERP software include:

Asset Management: ePROMIS enabled BEC to monitor all physical assets, equipment, and machinery with ease. The organization was able to maintain construction assets and inventory to improve performance and increase the return on investment.

Integrated Accounting: ePROMIS ensures that accounting is no longer a roadblock for construction firms. It empowered BEC to maintain multiple project accounts in a centralized portal. This made it easy to access purchase orders, subcontracts, and other important financial documents.

Business Reporting: With ePROMIS, reporting became a breeze for BEC as they could create customized reports by filtering parameters to slice and dice data. It became easy to track key performance indicators and analyze historical data to provide actionable insights to employees.

Contract Management: BEC was able to manage all project contracts in a unified repository with ePROMIS for quick access. This helped the organization improve transparency, reduce paper clutter, and manage project documentation in an organized and efficient manner.

Project Scheduling: Investing in ePROMIS empowered BEC to get a birds’ eye view of critical construction project activities and improve enterprise mobility. The system helped in seamless resource planning, budget control, estimation, and project scheduling to increase operational efficiency.

With the innovative adoption of ePROMIS construction ERP, The Beijing Emirates Group of Companies improved process adherence and enhanced team collaboration between departments. As a result, the company could track projects in real-time and reduce wastage through structured resource planning.

ePROMIS integrated the primary function of construction management with other essential business processes such as financial management, accounting, vendor management, project scheduling, contract management, and inventory. Getting onboard with ePROMIS proved to be the best business decision, and BEC is making strides in its digital transformation journey!