Keep up with the revolutionizing healthcare landscape

ePROMIS helps you transition from a traditional to modern business and embrace digital transformation.

Patient Management

The patient management module allows you to offer online appointments and create patient profiles. This eliminates the need for paper files and physical registers.

Manage appointments and sales across the globe
Create patient profiles and streamline treatments
Accept payments online
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Staff Management

A healthcare facility includes various staff members, such as doctors, nurses, lab assistants, pharmacists, and support. ePROMIS allows you to manage your workforce, including their attendance, performance, and appraisals, from one portal.

Employee performance tracking
Leave and attendance management
HR and payroll
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Financials and Accounting

Automate your billing and accounting process with ePROMIS Cloud ERP for healthcare businesses.

Finance and accounting
Billing and invoicing
Revenue and profits tracking
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Revenue Management

Manage revenue and profitability of your healthcare practice from one place with eRPOMIS healthcare ERP.

Book appointments and accept payments online
Get accurate transactional reports
Automate manual tasks to reduce costs
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