One Enterprise Platform for all Chemical companies

Instead of multiple solutions to manage your chemical business, use one enterprise cloud ERP to replace them all.

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Attain True Digital Transformation

Chemical businesses have unique inventory and process requirements, making it difficult to find a single software solution that can meet all the needs of this industry. However, by using an enterprise cloud ERP like ePROMIS ERP, you can replace all the separate solutions you are currently using and get the benefits of a single integrated system.

With ePROMIS ERP Cloud, you get a complete view of your chemical business, from the raw materials to the final product. You can also track your production process and ensure quality control. In addition, an ePROMIS can help you manage your supply chain and optimize your inventory levels.

Planning and Resource Management

Use machine learning technology for optimizing planning, scheduling, and inventory management.

Predictive management
Constraint-based optimization
Inventory visibility
Optimizing shipping routes
Capacity management
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Productivity Management

Improve productivity with predictive asset management, safety management, and reducing operational costs.

Implementing equipment effectiveness
Regulatory and safety compliance management
Predictive maintenance management
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Innovation Management

Improve R&D with robotic process automation in innovation and standardization of development process. Improve R&D via ML, Predictive analytics, Internet of Things, scalable cloud implementation, and more.

Data-driven innovation
Process automation and management
Digital transformation with industry-specific personalization
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Employee Management

Talent management is essential in niche industries. Improve employee productivity to enhance bottom-line parameters.

Performance and compensation management
Compliance management
Automated employee allocation
Employee engagement and training management
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