Ensure competitive banking and financial services

Power-embedded financial, insurance, banking, and capital industries can address pressing challenges with ePROMIS

Banking Intelligence

Leverage banking intelligence and analytics features for increased business revenues.

In-context analytics for decision making
AI-generated personalized insights
Automated information refinement from multiple data sources
Objective-oriented service-line KPIs
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Productivity Management

Mobile-first and better-integrated solutions are no longer enough to improve productivity in the service industry.

Comprehensive source-to-output solutions to reduce cost
Continuous accounting with business process automation
Better reporting and analytical insights
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Customer Relationship Management

The banking and financial services industry is a customer-centric sector. Thus, the ePROMIS support portal and customer services module will help you improve customer communication and relationship management.

Customer lifecycle management
Predictive models for decision making
Self-learning system with closed-loop analysis
Customer engagement tools
Customer interaction management via multiple channels
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Talent Management

ePROMIS offers behavioral science-fueled tools to identify, manage, and improve workforce talents.

Automated resume screening, candidate management, and continuous learning
Role-specific predictive models
Personalized performance management via behavioral data insights
Career retention and planning
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Compliance and Security Management

ePROMIS allows better management of security regulations, certifications, and more to provide better regulation and compliance.

Secure cloud solution
Continuous monitoring with risk mitigation
Industry-specific regulation management
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