Customer Information

  • Customer : SGS
  • Industry : Connectivity solutions , Inspection , Certification , Testing , Sustainability solutions
  • Employee# : 44835

Know more about the Customer:

SGS is a market leader with a trusted global client base across various industries.

Today SGS is recognized as a benchmark for quality, integrity, and reliability. In addition, it provides a wide range of digital, knowledge sustainability, and connectivity solutions that are customer-oriented and innovative in approach.

Significant Challenges Faced By SGS

Though SGS had tons of experience in its core domain, the company found it difficult to access real-time information. This was mainly due to reliance on older technology and manual techniques that led to errors and delays. Along with tons of paperwork, the company needed to maintain a huge employee base due to human-intensive work processes. SGS needed a specialized ERP system that could help them manage digital solutions, knowledge resources, manufacturing and processing workflows.

How ePROMIS Came To The Rescue

ePROMIS ERP software proved to be a comprehensive solution for all the challenges faced by SGS. With the adoption of ePROMIS, SGS was able to enhance operational visibility in all functional domains and provide real-time business intelligence to all process stakeholders. The platform helped in automating workflows related to digital solutions to save time, money, and energy. SGS was able to store and analyze client data to provide personalized service and a better experience. It improved the performance of industry-specific processes in all verticals and led to better project outcomes with higher levels of client satisfaction.

Key Results Achieved

SGS saw a significant improvement in all functional workflows with the adoption of ePROMIS ERP software. Multiple business units witnessed an increase in key performance indicators and timely project delivery rates. The company was able to implement the best business practices and overcome delays, expensive errors, and team miscommunication.

Let’s have a closer look at how SGS benefitted by implementing ePROMIS ERP:

SGS could adhere to project deadlines and manage critical resources better to ensure successful outcomes.

Paperwork was eliminated, and electronic record-keeping led to a huge jump in productivity.

Key stakeholders such as managers, clients, employees, and vendors had access to real-time business intelligence, leading to quality and informed decision-making.