Why ‘Yes’ to Employee Self Service (ESS) system

Why ‘Yes’ to Employee Self Service (ESS) system 02 Jan 2017 / Blog Share

Employee Self Service (ESS) is a prevailing human capital management trend, which is intended to empower the employees with the freedom to access their records and payroll details and to help them to take more responsibility for their jobs and development. Interestingly, the concept of Self Service is not at all new; at the buffet counter of a restaurant or the self-checkout of a supermarket, you don’t prefer waiting for something which you can do it yourself. It’s no different in your office environment.

Human Resource department plays a significant role in any business. As long as there is a workforce, salaries have to be paid, taxes to be calculated, and policies need to be updated. Recent industry surveys demonstrate that about 80% of the total time in an HR department is spent on paper works and administration works, and this leads to ‘No Time’ for focusing more strategic issues that can affect the bottom-line of the business. Meanwhile, there are a lot of tasks entitled to the HR department which could be easily handled by other employees in the course of their regular everyday duties. So this is the right time to have an employee self-service system in operation, freeing up the HR staffs to deal with more strategic affairs.

During the early stages of Employee Self Service’s evolution, it did not allow employees to perform anything other than adding or editing their address or name fields. Even now, many ‘so-called’ Employee Self Service software systems available in the market offer very basic ‘Do it yourself’ functions to the users. However modern Employee Self Service system like ePROMIS Employee Self Service (ESS) is a convenient workspace, where the employees can place their leave requests, view salary statements, plan holidays, change address and manage other personal information including skills, bank accounts, and emergency contacts. And all without once involving HR.

A modern ESS software system, as a whole, can generate remarkable benefits for both employees and employers.

Benefits of a true ESS, from employee’s point of view

1) Access and update the personal information such as telephone number, address, bank details.
2) Plan happy holidays by checking the leave balances and send leave application online.
3) Quick reference contact directory for building good co-worker relationships.
4) Electronic forms are easy to be filled and submitted; save time.

Employer’s benefits with ‘The right ESS software system.'

1) No more errors in employee details as employees can enter and amend their information.
2) Keep staffs up to date with official notifications through the system.
3) HR team focused on strategic initiatives due to fewer administrative demands.
4) Smart & Happy employees as having a clearer view of their position within the organization and are free to concentrate on the job responsibilities.
5) An eco-friendly office where paper usage is minimized.

Which ESS software is the best?

A lot of software vendors in the market sell applications which are called ESS but only a few of them offer right features, security, and support which make them a true ESS. Built on the cornerstone of ePROMIS technology, the flexible, Web-based ESS software system of the industry-leading ePROMIS HCM software can agree with any modern definition of an Employee Self Service software system.

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