ePROMIS' single point of control vs. mix of ‘Best of Breed’ business management software

ePROMIS' single point of control vs. mix of ‘Best of Breed’ business management software 28 Sep 2015 / Blog Share

As it's called so, a ‘Best of breed’ business software addresses a particular business process, and indeed is the best application for that specific area.  Here comes a question, maybe it is the best application in a specific business process but does it have any focus on other processes in business? As every ‘so called’ process specific application has little to no idea on the other business processes.  Many organizations integrate various best of breed applications together while the wiser ones get the single point of control through a fully integrated ERP solution.

Four reasons why you should go for an integrated ERP software, not a mix of ‘best of breed’ business management software

1. No more data duplication

Integrated ERP software avoids data duplication while the ‘best of breed’ business software cannot assure it. In a mix of best of breed applications, the common case of data duplication can be found in HR and payroll processes. Personal details of each employee have to be entered many times across various applications resulting in the wastage of administration time and data duplication.

2. Better user experience

In a best-of-breed business software solution, the look and feel differs from the entire set of applications. This also increases the effort on the part of the user to study and master the various solutions. So by using an integrated enterprise system the extra effort and funds required can be eliminated as multiple training sessions are avoided.

3. Investment

Best-of-breed business software solutions are meant to provide the best of all the available features. But in most cases, the various features overlap in these solutions and the company ends up paying extra for the same feature. In an integrated system, the company is given the freedom to select the best and most relevant features based on their requirement and nature of the business.

4. Simplified reports

When all the different modules function independently, generating the accurate reports can be a daunting task. The report generation can lead to many unwanted and avoidable operations which severely affects the working efficiency in an organization. While in an integrated system, since a single software manages all the data, highly efficient and accurate reports can be generated.

For the comfort of an end to end ERP software environment, it is recommended that businesses should partner with talented enterprise resource planning software providers with proven track records. As a leader in global ERP software market, ePROMIS has technical as well as functional experience, satisfying the market demands for over three decades and serving thousands of customer organizations globally.

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