What is ePROMIS ERP's Drill Down Function and Why Should You Care?

Have you had this situation where you find from reports that somebody in your department made a transaction, but you were unable to figure out the details?

It would be so great if there were a tool that could take you to the details of a transaction helping you understand the reports quickly. Undoubtedly there are multiple advantages of having drill-down functionality into your enterprise resource planning environment. Let’s focus on the fascinating drill-down functionality of ePROMIS ERP and how it will help you to be smart and do business better.

The significance of drill-down functionality in data analysis

As the size of your company continues to grow and having a trade-in multiple currencies, it is challenging for you to review transactional as well as operational information just by looking at reports. This is where the drill-down functionality can benefit you; the following are some unique aspects of the drill-down offered in ePROMIS ERP software.

Drill-down is one of the most loved features of ePROMIS ERP by users across the globe as this feature gave them more confidence and assisted them in verifying the integrity of their organizational data. Since its built-in functionality in ePROMIS ERP organizations can now save the money, they spend on third-party data mining software.

With the drill-down function of ePROMIS ERP, each department in your organization can perform an analysis on where and how their money was spent by drilling down their monthly reports. Unlike standalone business applications and resource planning solutions with batch processing, ePROMIS ERP offers real-time interdepartmental data through seamlessly integrated architecture. That means you can view not only the transactional data but also any relevant data related to that particular transaction. An interesting fact is, not all top ERP software work this way but enterprise software solutions from ePROMIS.

In ePROMIS ERP the user can enter the details or comments on each line item of the transaction so that while digging down the manager gets a clear picture of every aspect of the transaction. Even any supporting documents attached to the transaction are visible, thanks to ePROMIS ERP’s robust document attachment system.

With ePROMIS ERP your reporting processes are a lot easier and more enjoyable. The system enables the users to be smart and run reports whenever required and drill down to the details without the assistance of a database administrator or third-party data mining software. As data security is of paramount importance, the whole drill-down functionality of the system is managed through foolproof user access control.