How can a Good HRMS streamline your HR-related processes?
As the number of employees increases, managing human resources gets more and more complicated. Hiring more HRs to manage employees would just increase your operational costs. Thankfully, there's a tool that can help streamline your HR-related processes: HRMS. It helps manage employee information, company policies, and payroll.

Here are some ways a good HRMS system can make things easier for your HR team.

1. Employee Details Management

At its core, an HRMS system is a database where you can store and manage employee information. These details include:

Personal details (name, phone number, and email address)
Home address
Compensation information
Emergency contact details
Education history
Performance reviews

2. Handling Routine HR tasks

In most organizations, HRs spend a lot of time on paperwork and routine administrative tasks, like processing employee information and answering questions. However, an HRMS system helps address these everyday tasks and improve productivity. It standardizes and automates processes related to employee information (performance, salary, payroll, etc.). It also makes it easier for HRs to create documents based on employee information. You can even set up rules for automation. For instance, when an employee requests a leave, the HRMS system can automatically accept or reject it based on your set criteria.

3. Time and Labor Management

One major benefit of HRMS systems is that it helps keep track of time and labor management of each employee. It includes the hours each employee is putting in. With accurate working hours, you can calculate their pay more efficiently and avoid over/underpayments. This also provides you insights into which employees aren’t working efficiently.

4. Hiring and Onboarding

60% of job seekers quit the application when they feel the onboarding process is too hard or detailed. An HRMS system like ePROMIS can help streamline the hiring process by:

Finding and solving hiring bottlenecks
Discovering which hiring managers need assistance
Allowing HRs to monitor applicants’ progress
Making each employees’ role clear

Wrapping Up

With an HRMS system like ePROMIS, you can streamline all your HR-related tasks, including employee information management, time and labor management, and hiring processes. If you haven’t invested in an HRMS system, now is the time!